Then again, because

Then again, because

A Poem by jinjahman

It's my word
but then again
the sense of a response is 
lost without you


I'm lost in a word pool.
then again
my feet wobbled here in 
the quest for a library of
easily quotable biblical bubbles


I'm frost with 'sugar' 
in a frozen land
and chilly as a literary icicle 
in a 'horsehair' bath of ink
suspended from an idea 
outside my area code of conduct


I'm not 's' or 'p' in
their essence
I am a p.s.
in an afterthought creche
where btw, "I'll be late collecting ya,
but I'm always there when ya need me"

I am blood
and you are sugar
and we need each other
--not because we sound good-- 
but because..
just because you are sister
and you are brother


and I am the worst kind of poet you'll hear
because I'm not straight,
in fact I'm 2 economical with everything
in truth 2 point ZERO.
I could lead the country into the freezer.
"wouldn't you know me
if you froze me?"
and we'd get rich and you could get screwed
and bellies would flop into . .

my word pool
and I would read you 
and the day would darken, coldly,

I am not worth the binary 
toilet paper this poetiquette is
scribbled upon

I am human.
and there you stand before me,

© 2011 jinjahman

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i've never seen anything quite like it, and i mean that in the best way possible. great write

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is, quite simply put, brilliant. This is everything modern poetry should be, with a beat and vibe and everyman feel about it.

I'm frost with 'sugar'
in a frozen land
and chilly as a literary icicle
in a 'horsehair' bath of ink
suspended from an idea
outside my area code of conduct

Posted 7 Years Ago

eish - whirling text! loved the idea of
"a library of
easily quotable biblical bubbles"
the world doesn't always need a "straight" poet. otherwise it would all become too monotonous.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 12, 2011
Last Updated on March 12, 2011




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