Kiss Me like I could Leave in a Moment (Even Though I Wont)

Kiss Me like I could Leave in a Moment (Even Though I Wont)

A Poem by Julia Ledo

Kiss me like I'm worth your time
Pull my body to your own
And let our skin act like velcro
Kiss me like I could leave in a moment
Even though I won't

Don't ask me if I mind
I have half to let you know
I want you to kiss me slowly
And never let me go
Like I'll dissapear, but you know I won't.

I could slip like sand through your fingertips
But the love handles give you such a good grip
So kiss me like you mean it
This hourglass could always run out
But I'll take it slow

Kiss me like my skin won't bruise
But your favorite colors are black and blue
So you'll chase the rainbow
Until I give it all up for you
Even though I won't

I'm falling through the cracks
So hold on tight
Kiss me like you're not tired
So I can sleep at night
Even though I won't

Kiss me like I didn't forget to eat
For the third day in a row
And you'll spoonfeed me sweet nothings
Kiss me like I'll remember
Even though I won't

Kiss me so I'll think I'm enough
And my glass will be full
Kiss me like being mine isn't tough
Like I will always be okay
Even though I won't

Its a slow demise
Every single time
So kiss me like now is forever
'Cause I could leave in a moment
Even though it'll be you

© 2017 Julia Ledo

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You have an excellent image in every stanza except number 2!! Love the third to last stanza, very clever imagery

Posted 1 Year Ago

this is fantastic...i love the analogies and how you wove them into this love poem...
the idea of that union, and yet thinking that it could be ephemeral...and that we have to hold on as hard as we can and make love desperately because it could be the last time...if only we would appreciate things and people before we lost them...we don't, enough.


Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on March 4, 2017
Last Updated on March 4, 2017
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Julia Ledo
Julia Ledo


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