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...doesn't have to be so difficult in every moment of [it;]
There is a simplicity about life
that is rich and grand...
..but it can not be experienced when
the body and mind is drowned in
negativity, sulkiness, and handing your
soul and power to everything and
everybody except-The One who has the
Power to restore it...

... haven't noticed
that the door you continue to run to is amiss;
looking and searching,
no one's ever really answered your plea for entrance..

though you may feel that there is 'relief'
and temporary
"escape" in[toxication] and
overuse of stimuli that wipe you drier and more rigid than
when you first began....and now you are lost,

"...In the scheme of life and surviving-
free will can drive one maliciously insane;
unaware that there is true life in living..."

turn from everything spiritual trying to go it alone,
we let nothing of the sort in,
we close the door on God;
close the window to any opportunity
He has to offer..


"We do not have to be the little kid
lost wandering about the
wasteland,alone and afraid,feeling
neglected and torn to pieces.."


Close your eyes..
breathe in a newly found air;
and shut off the mind that has turned against you;
the mind that is craving 'newness'
misplace self willed theories and
fall to The Majestic Healing...


"There is no secret code-all is needed, is that you ask;
ask Him to show you how He perfects
the will, and realign your steps..."

the strength of tarried energy,
...and the urges to give up too soon
-before you feel your shift [to new life]
look up and envision what is ahead,
You were not born to suffer and toil to no avail;
there is more purpose in live...moreover there IS
purpose and poise to be experienced...
tirelessly dragging yourself through life is bound to be dismissed...
[if you are ready]

"In the midst of the storm,
step away from underneath the clouds,
every day will not be easy;
but everyday God will be there.."

...and when it rains-
step out, and step into it;
"naked all of your consciousness..[as it was]"
and again,
-disrobe all fears,
the anxiety,
any stimuli that burdens you-heavies you to core
...and just let the rain
and let heavens moisture wash it absent
lean your head to Comfort-
feel a Gentle hand calm the thunder in your life,
lift your arms in line of the horizon;
capture the winds, welcome it as it
blankets your body, and sweeps the
the monstrous barricades you feel blocking stability in your life


"Imagine The Mighty Strength
polishing you clean as silver...feel
the process of all disarray be discompanied ..."

Feel your body loosen;
feel the tension fall;
fall from your body..
dismiss it afloat the exiting streams and puddles...

"Mellow is the heavens moisture..." the tightness dissipates and is washed away
as minute grains of sand are ridden obsolete...
..let the worries of the mind unravel, wither, and de-thread
now allow genuine freedom encircle your person....

..and rename yourself Free...

"Offer, in totality, to Him-yourself, and watch His wonder unfold..
...hand to Him-the permit of admittance for definitive cleansing in every compartment of your life..."

*"God IS The Answer to everything, everything."-Anonymous


*God IS The Answer to everything, everything...-quoted Anonymously

-All other "Quotation-ed verses" are of my creation in addition to all other prose poetry...-


© 2009 Prose-full

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Added on August 21, 2009
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Houston , TX

hey my creative brothers and sisters of the's been a long time and a lot has changed. I don't write as often, I've been busy with college essays...I still love the creative pen, though. I am.. more..

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A Poem by Prose-full