Truth be told..[or is it]...-an excerpt-

Truth be told..[or is it]...-an excerpt-

A Story by Prose-full


...drinking what you thought was water wondering why your thirst has never been quenched; repeatedly drawn to a well that's dripped it's last drop...

'you been screaming all your life saying nothing at all...trying to be heard by someone, anybody who would pay attention...but they just stared 'wanderous[ly]' about you as if you possessed a "mute" button...
and start again; they still don't hear you...
...subtitled foolishness is all they're used to...unable to grasp that reality is life, and life is reality...

Blinding how the nonchalant twiddle about...dark shades to try escaping the real; attempting to purposely dodge all that's clearly in view...

Billions and billions more [people] in this world and there's hardly one that's given to another...
...will we ever see�"that by giving�"we are surely gaining..
..but, truth be told, [or is it]...that we are so afraid of intimacy, we hold our heads down instead of speaking to the gentleone passing...or is it mostly that we walk around so self-consumed we don't even see them;
...walking right through life, knocking you down; stepping on you to get around you...

"Never position yourself in a position to be positioned above one's head;for you have gone too far and too high.." * sdavis..

© 2015 Prose-full

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Added on August 21, 2009
Last Updated on November 15, 2015



Houston , TX

hey my creative brothers and sisters of the's been a long time and a lot has changed. I don't write as often, I've been busy with college essays...I still love the creative pen, though. I am.. more..

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A Poem by Prose-full