The poetic story- a poet' story

The poetic story- a poet' story

A Story by writ rajat

This story may or may not only a story but a poem also, try to focus on plot .

Once upon a time there was a city in ancient India in Vellore. The king of the country was Chakravarthy Samrat Ashok. That time poetry was very popular because the king himself was a prominent poet. He used to gave instructions and orders to his soldiers in poetic style, For example if he had to say ''go and attact the neighborhood​ country he preferred in saying like this - How does they dare to intrude , They doesn't know how much I am rude , Oh my soldiers kindly pick up your guns , Destroy the neighbour'dark like the sun. And the soldiers replied in such a way -: Hail my country hail my king , We will follow all those whatever you sing, One day the king Ashoka went out to inspect whether his country is doing well in poetry or or not. On the he happened to meet an old wise man who told him about a magic well in a house of a landlord , he enquired about the well from the owner and the king said in poetic line -: If you want to live with prosperity tell me about the well, I will give you a diamond ring and a golden bell. The man replied-: Hail My king hail my country can you please wait , I will tell you the secret only on a fixed rate. The well was built in the time of a magician, He had done a magic spell, And died jumping inside the well, The secret of the well is that, If you say one line in front of well, it will will reply with two line in poetic style. Hail my country hail my king, That was all I can sing, The king got impressed and his eagerness multiplied The king went inside the house and near the well, Inside the well he can see the dark hell, After collecting all his courage he spoke-: Oh magic well oh magic well , The well replied -: ''you go to hell you go to hell'' The king get angry as well as amazed and continued He said-: Let me know let me know Well replied-: Your look is just like a crow, This time the king leave the 🏠 house, Next day a man came to his palace and suggest the king to organise a grand poetic dialogue competition, The king agreed. In the competition the the magic well also participated and won the first prize .

© 2017 writ rajat

Author's Note

writ rajat
ignore all my mistakes and it is my first story inspired by my friend pravir

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This a unique story that is both whimsical and dark! I enjoyed reading it :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

writ rajat

1 Year Ago

Though first try, but a good one,it will improve sooner, keep on writing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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writ rajat
writ rajat

patna, bihar, India

I study in St.xaviers college more..

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