Different ball game

Different ball game

A Story by Linda alexander

Alyssa has end stage bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. She was diagnosed few years back and few chemotherapy rounds were done and disease never been in remission for her. Alyssa is fighting with her cancer even even medical team said she has four months to live. The ball game changed entirely. She is demanding for 60 inch TV in living room and 32 inch flat screen Samsung  TV in her own room. She is asking for expensive clothes. She is demanding for refurnishing her room and few extra furniture basically an ikea desk and a fancy chair in her room and a small sofa. Her room is big so it is not a an issue. The budget is a real issue but she did not care at all. She works three long twelve hour shift and goes to college too. She still working when she is out of hospital stay. She earns little more than minimum wage so it won't meet all the expenses for sure.
Alyssa said this is a different ball game and she needs to play her best, The real ball game of life when it looks deep in to death the final goal post.
Alyssa can not sleep well needs help for everything that change happened only few days ago. Alyssa asked her nurse will you come for my funeral and nurse said yes of course. Alyssa did not tell her boy friend Tom all the details of her illness. Tom thought she will fight again just like other times. She did not tell intentionally as if she determined to play the game very well and with most vigor using her will power. The day she was very ill she was at home and and she said I am not willing to accept palliative hospice care. She called emergency 911 call when she can not breathe. Tom was in next room when it happened. Tom could not even comprehend well the dramatic scenes took place during  few hours. Alyssa asked for a epinephrin shot but it was too late they had to give intracardiac epinephrin shot not sure how she even aware of that shot existed. She lived few more hours looked at all surrounding. Alyssa smiled at the ambulance personnel showed actions as if she saying thank you for coming so fast and trying to save her. None in the room could move all simply stayed with mixed emotions. She held tom's hand tight and it was her last hand shake before the ball game ended well.
Medical team won the fighter lost the science won but never in Alyssa's ball game 

© 2017 Linda alexander

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Linda alexander
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Added on December 8, 2017
Last Updated on December 8, 2017


Linda alexander
Linda alexander

New Hyde Park, NY

I am a pediatric nurse working in pediatrics last nineteen years by profession, am the hero of my spouse at least that is what I believe, have two young adults as children. I can write without proper .. more..

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