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A Poem by Mrs Mania

"Tranquil" was written on April 12, 2015.



By: Paige Taylor

At this point,

I was deathly afraid of the silence.

The quiet,

Seemed to draw his presence closer to me.

It only seemed natural,

To crave part of the thing that was going to kill me.

It was the haunting thought of a love lost.

I knew not what I was feeling.

Entangling my mind in demonizing thoughts

Tragedy’ seemed to design the definition

Of all that was said to be broken.

I received this overwhelming feeling in the pit of my heart

As my eyes searched and finally,

My vision connected with his.

This collision,

Sent my mind spiraling and I soon caught myself

Losing the slightest grievance of hope

Which had once remained so true to me.

The reflection of darkness,

Appeared to be much closer to me

Then I ever imagined possible.

I could not continue on this endless stream of doubt

And self-pity,

As the one I had once loved,

Seemed to no longer exist.

Constantly being trampled upon

Against the aftermath of heart-break,

I could sense that my depression was relentless.

They fiery wretchedness of hell,

Had finally reached the depths of my heart.

Enclosed hostility,

Regretful memories,

Aggressively fed upon my agony.


After what seemed like a lifetime of social hiding,

I collapsed and buried

These secrets hidden so deep.


Currently remained incapable

Of living up to its meaning.


Twas just another mourning of the early October.

Aqua swirls of blue burned the seams of my veins

A crimson red soliloquy burned its blazes,

Unleashing the madness in me.

His grave stood alone,

Upon ashes and dust.

Glassy, tear-filled eyes now blurred my vision.

With my body near his,

I felt as though I could finally rest in peace.

I took pill by pill

Taking great pleasure in swallowing each capsule,

As if each one

Was another keen memory of him.

My thoughts began to flood my mind

My lungs were now drowning

In an intoxicating punishment.

‘Which was worse?’ I thought.

I could feel myself slowly slipping away from my body.

‘What was I doing?’ I thought aloud.

I attempted to choose what I had imagined

Would be the most sincere and discrete

Manner of deaths,

But also the most long and dreadful,

I reached for the revolver

That was hooked by my side.


The only one

Who had remained by my side,

Until the very end.

I looked down the barrel and as I did,

Something caught my attention

From the corner of my eye.


It was him.

I glanced back at his grave

And there he was,

Standing next to the stone with his name on it.

There was a special glow about him.

He looked so much different,

Since the last time I had seen him.

I pictured a hollow face

A sickly looking figure,

With grayish colored skin.


There was a certain radiance about him.

For several minutes,

Not a word was spoken.

He held out his hand

As if summoning me to come with him.

Without even the slightest hesitation,

I gave him my hand

And as I did,

I grew detached from reality.

It felt as if a thousand bolts of electricity

Had shaken me from my being.


I attempted to release my grip, but

Something sticky linked our hands together.

When I looked up to match his gaze,

Sheer horror struck my face when

I could see that he had no eyes.

There were only two black holes,

With a strange substance oozing out from both sides.

His mouth was wide open,

As if he were screaming in agony.

The sorrow must have been so pure,

For I could not hear a thing.

I looked down,

To see what was holding our hands together so firmly.

I was surprised to find that

It was a heart.

But instead of blood pouring out,

It was oozing water.

It wasn’t just any kind of water,

It was the clearest of sorts.

Almost as if it were cleansed

By something Holy.

That is when I knew

That it could not have been mine

But rather,

It was his own heart

That was holding us together.

I could no longer bear it,

When my sinful hands began to destroy

What was left of his fragile heart.


I tried to pull myself away

To keep myself from demolishing yet another innocent.

But the harder I pulled,

The tighter he held on.

I could no longer bear

The witnessing of my own menacing deeds.

The gun yelled, “Blasphemy!”

And the shot was fired.

I felt relief,

As the bullet penetrated my heart.

My ill-tempered, forsaken blood

Began to spill out onto his grave.

For the first time,

Blood and water began to mix.

The curtain,

Which separated good and evil,

Was lifted and now torn in two.

All that had been,

Or was meant to be,

Was now free from tranquil.

© 2017 Mrs Mania

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This is an amazing and powerful poem, touching the depths of darkness and reaching into the world of depression and despair with vivid lightning flashes and cutting knife thrusts. The vision looms out of the mists and then changes as the drugged mind focuses and then floats back into obscurity. The emotions and mental processes are vividly sketched in and the elements of horror lovingly crafted, The powerful allusion to the Crucifixion in the last lines was appropriate and telling.

An outstanding poem.

Posted 12 Months Ago

Mrs Mania

11 Months Ago

Thank you for your review! In a way, I wanted to express to the reader the regret of taking things o.. read more

11 Months Ago

It's important to deal with the past and to live with yourself and others in the present and future... read more

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1 Review
Added on September 26, 2017
Last Updated on September 26, 2017


Mrs Mania
Mrs Mania

Roanoke, VA

My name is Paige and I am a twenty-one year old female. I currently work in the mental health field and as a sufferer from manic depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder, it has always .. more..

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