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It is rather disturbing to know the fact that some of us like to criticize on how things could have been better. Just that, we lack actions to do something about it. Yes, I used 'us', because I consider myself to be part of this group. Let's just name this group: Group X.

In this journal, I will be sharing about how I think Group X should be perceived.

We all like to simplify things, we cannot deny that. Because by doing so, it makes life or information easier to digest and understand. This will usually lead to these two generic label, the Good and the Bad. Yes, I will be breaking down Group X to 2 sub-groups, Good versus Bad.

After using 'Product A' , you say:

The Bad
"They could have done better by paying more attention to the functionality, rather then its aesthetics."
"I should have picked another product instead of using this useless product."
These thoughts are usually followed up with little or no action to improve anything. Be it the product or the choice made itself.

The Good
"They can do better by spending more time on the functionality."
"I will try the other product to see which one works better."
These thoughts are usually followed up with actions like:
1) Filling up the product feedback form online.
2) Research on the alternatives of this product.

You can see the significance between these two sub-groups. One dwells in the past, while the other looks into the future.
"Could have done it better" vs "Can do it better".
"Should not have done this" vs "Shall do this".
The metaphor of half filled or half empty can be seen clearly from these examples.

The bottom-line is simple.
At this age of Information Technology, we know that Group X plays a key role in society. Everyone makes criticism. What matters is how they are being made or perceived.

© 2011 RippleFX

Author's Note

please feel free to comment on how I can write better.

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Or as my dear departed father was so fond of saying, " Get off your lazy a*s and do something about it and quit sitting there whining like a little girl! If you want the world to be a better place, GO...MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE! But don't sit around and cry about how tough it is for poor little you...hell, it's tough on EVERYBODY and the rest of us don't like listening to you whine while we're working our asses off trying to make it better!" Yup, he said that quite a bit, my father did.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 16, 2011
Last Updated on March 16, 2011
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