Chapter 1 - UAPDR

Chapter 1 - UAPDR

A Chapter by maduuu-chan

Un Amour Plein De Richesse

Chapter One
Madison and her best friend Victoria were two British girls who lived near London. They were eighteen years old and had just finished high school. They had studied tourism and they would soon start working in a fancy hotel in France. It was their internship.
It was July first and Madison had to get up early, which she really didn’t like. But she didn’t have a choice because it would be a busy day. She and Victoria had to take a taxi to Dover and where they would take the boat to Calais.
It was windy, but the weather was beautiful. It looked like the perfect day to start their new adventure.
Once they were on board, Madison and Victoria went to the restaurant to have lunch. Victoria was really excited and hyper. Madison was usually the hyper one, but she was still too tired to be active.

“Ah! We’re going to sunny France and you’ll finally meet the love of your life!” Victoria said the minute they sat down.
“Huh? What do you mean?”    
“Well…you’ve always dated French guys and I’m 100% sure you’ll be dating a French guy in no time.”

Madison looked at her skeptically.
“Yeah right…”

Well, it’s true. Madison had had two boyfriends so far and they were both French. But Victoria was just exaggerating. She didn’t know why she hadn’t dated any British guys either. Every time she was looking for someone to date she would end up with a French guy. And it’s not like she couldn’t appreciate them and their handsome looks. Perhaps they were more interesting than the British guys back in England. But no way she would admit this to Victoria. She would never stop teasing her if she knew.

After about ninety minutes they had arrived in Calais. Their French adventure was about to begin! But first they had to take another taxi, from Calais to Le Havre, where the hotel was located.
They had finally arrived at the hotel and it was a real sight. The hotel was a rather old building, but still looked very pretty. It was built in a neoclassical style. It had a very broad façade with in the middle of it a wide golden revolving door. On each side of the door there were these enormous arched windows, in the same golden colour as the big entrance door.
It got even better when they entered the hotel. The walls were white and there was a marble floor. There was this long open hallway with a red carpet. Flanking there were beautiful vintage oxford blue wing chairs and lounge chairs. On each arched window there were oxford blue curtains that matched the chairs. Along both sides of the hallway there were large columns.

Victoria couldn’t believe her eyes “Woah! This hotel looks so glorious. I can’t believe we’re allowed to do our internship in a place like this!”
Madison was still staring at the entrance hall. She could’ve sworn there were sparkles in her eyes. This place really was amazing. She kept staring until Victoria woke her up from her daydream by tapping her on the shoulder.
“Maddy! This girl behind the counter seems to calling us.”

They saw a girl walking from behind the corner wave at them. She walked over to the girls. She had long and beautiful wavy blonde hair. She looked gorgeous and conveyed an aura of elegance and flair.

“Hello, you must be Victoria and Madison?” My name is Fayette. I will guide you two around the hotel.”
Fayette was 20 years old, but had been working in the hotel for several years. She started working there part-time when she was just a student. She really knew the place by heart. Fayette showed them all around the hotel. And yes, the hotel was as big as it looked on the outside. Madeline and Victoria just hoped they wouldn’t get lost too often during their first weeks. Fayette showed them the dining hall and the kitchen right next to it, which was very shiny and clean. Madeline could have sworn she saw her own reflection in most of the fridges because they were just that polished. At the end of the two hour tour they were walking around in one of the top floors of the hotel. Then Fayette turned around to face the girls.

“I’ll now take you to the highest floor of the hotel. Only the staff is allowed to go there.” Then she walked inside one of the staff rooms of the long hallway. The room wasn’t as fancy as the rest of the hotel, but it did look incredibly cosy. There were a lot of big couches and TVs and a small kitchen in one of the corners of the room, it looked like some small studio flat. On one of the couches there were sitting two boys, who were the same age as Fayette. Not long after Fayette introduced herself she had told Madison and Victoria that she was one year older than them.

“Girls, I want to introduce you to my two favourite lazybones, Jacques and Damien.”.  Jacques had dark brown to black short hair which looked nice and a bit wavy, although it was often hidden underneath his flat cap. Damien was a little bit taller than Jacques and had chin-length amber blond hair and a very nonchalant look. Both guys sported moustaches and small beards.
Jacques stood up first and walked straight to Madison.
“Echanté” He said with this very charming smile on his face. He seemed to be happy to meet her.

‘Normally he’s never that fast!’ Damien joked, pretending to be surprised.
Victoria, who was standing next to them saw how interested he was. She did a fake cough.

“Excuse me. I’m going to work here, too!” She joked.
The situation quickly started to look awkward and it made him blushed a bit. Then introduced himself to Victoria as well. Damien also introduced himself to both girls.

“Jacques is our rich boy.” Fayette said to Victoria and Madison. “He’s the son of Mr. and Mrs. De La Rivière, the owners of this lovely hotel.”
“Hah! Yeah, right!” Madison had to cover her mouth to make sure she didn”t burst out laughing.
“I can show you my ID card if you want…” Jacques said and he still looked very relaxed, even though he got just mocked. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

Madison’s grin immediately faded and turned into a rather ashamed expression. “O-Oh! I’m so sorry! I thought you guys were jok-”
“Don’t worry she always acts this dumb.” Victoria interrupted her best friend. And that way Victoria gave her a taste of her own medicine.

“But anyway, I guess I really am the rich boy of the hotel.” Jacques continued. “All I ever do is sit here and look pretty. Literally!” He shrugged.
“You’ll soon find out these two guys are the biggest dorks of our hotel!” Fayette laughed.

They all sat down and chatted for about half an hour, until their conversation came to an end when Madame Victoire came in. Madame Victoire was a rather plump woman who’s always dressed in flamboyant, yet formal clothing. She has half-long dark red hair that she always wears in a bun.
“Jacques, your parents asked me to get you. They want to talk to you about something important and want you to go to their office this instant.”
He sighed deeply “What are they going to complain about this time?”

He stood up and turned to the rest of the group “Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave. I hope to see you around soon!”
“Jacques! Wait for me!” Damien jumped off the sofa “I’ll come with you! I’m heading that way, too.”

Jacques and Damien had only left the staff room a few seconds ago and a smirk already appeared on Damien’s face. He turned his gaze to Jacques.
“She’s cute, isn’t she?"
That question woke up Jacques from his daydream “I’m sorry. Who are you talking about?”

“Madison, you know, one of those two British girls.”
“O-oh…her…” he made sure he avoided eye contact with Damien. “She’s nice, I guess…”
Damien always assumed his friend was flirting with girls, even when he wasn’t.

“You’re so bad at lying! I’m going to tell Fayette later today!” he snickered and then started running away to a different elevator.
“What?! No no no! Don’t! Damien! Get back here!”

But Damien kept running and kept laughing.
“Crap. If he’s going tell Fayette she might tell Madison.” Jacques thought to himself.  And that meant there might be gossiping. And he didn’t like that thought at all.

But first things first. Now he had to figure out why his parents wanted to talk to him. And he was convinced that whatever reason they wanted to talk to him, it couldn’t possibly be something positive.

A/N: First chapter is finally done! Can”t believe I spent one month writing this, but I”ve been busy. Plus I”ve looked up several English vocabulary just to check everything is correct! Sorry if the description about the hotel is kind of long, but I just want everyone to be able to imagine what the setting looks like and how pretty it is! I hope to upload the next part as soon as possible!!!

© 2017 maduuu-chan

Author's Note

A/N: First chapter is finally done! Can’t believe I spent one month writing this, but I’ve been busy. Plus I’ve looked up several English vocabulary just to check everything is correct! ^^; Sorry if the description about the hotel is kind of long, but I just want everyone to be able to imagine what the setting looks like and how pretty it is! I hope to upload the next part as soon as possible!!

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