A Poem by La Belle Dame Sans Merci

My stomach is bound tighter then a gourd,
hopefully nothing spills out.
I dreamt of the beach and the boats bobbing
like toys almost and the people only pinpricks
against a lovely backdrop.

Dilaudid gave me a trance I have never been able
to achieve or find.
It is so organized in the hospital:
three meals, measured ins and outs, I have never felt so understood.
The nurse was my high school teacher,
the bandages she wraps around me recall a mannequin named Bob.

I never want to leave this calm and order,
to simply have my history recorded in a folder
and to know that someone is always there
with a push of a button, "What do you want?"

I no longer have to worry
because I have caretakers who help me
in every way love would not.
I think I will stay here, in my clean and sanitary spot,
tubes nourishing me when love would not.

© 2012 La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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Interesting poem, first of all because of the opinions you share with us that are very original, most of the people see hospitals pretty much as graveyards, places to stay away the more you can and if you really need to go there, getting out the faster you can, what do i think about it (not that it matters xD)? Let me answer this way: I'm willing to become a doctor since i was 5 years old ;)
I definitely agree, i see hospitals as calm and positively very organised places too (most of the people think i'm weird when i say i like hospitals xD). Now talking about the poem's structure, there're some details that i really enjoyed:
The assonance of labial consonants in verses 3-4 (Beach and the Boats BoBBing ...
PeoPle only PinPricks), the use of some rhyming (can't talk about a rhyme scheme, but it's a beginning) and a "logical" enjambement made by the question "What do you want?" in verse 4, stanza 3.
Nice job =D

Posted 6 Years Ago

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci
La Belle Dame Sans Merci


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