A Guest in the Jail (Day II)

A Guest in the Jail (Day II)

A Chapter by Kay Beaver

Life is very beautiful, but too short to live in a cage...






Life is very beautiful, but too short to live in a cage…     


            Martin was about to smother when he woke up. A boy stares at him with his cigarette, drew Martin’s attention. Since this place is a jail for children, he can’t be older than 18, but he had a way more mature appearance than Martin and Walter. In his opinion it was because of the life he had to live. He got orange long curly hair comes to his shoulders. His face was maybe shinier than the sun but his beard at his gill was shadowing that brilliant. His looks didn’t have any hope or joy which every young face deserves. The face stares at Martin was the face of a man who hasn’t been a child in his life at all. Martin’s thought about that boy became clearer; he must have been that sleepy boy from last night. He struggled to remember his name.

         “Morning Jac-Jasper!” Martin stammered, staring at his strict face.

         “You too princess,” Jasper said with his sarcasm.

         “Martin! Not princess…” he said a bit tensely.

         “Okay Martin not princess. Feel yourself home, but don’t be used to here since you won’t stay here too much as far as I remember from last night.”

         “Did you hear us?” asked Martin nervously.

         “Not on purpose be sure. Your damn loud voice dragged me from my dreams last night. You came here because of a girl hah? I am here because of a kind of girl deal, but not half as innocent as yours be sure.”

         “If you want me to compare, I need to hear your story right?”

“Just forget about it man. You just count your days and leave.” Jasper sighed and said negligently.
          Meantime Walter was struggling to get up. Hearing the conversation among Jasper and Martin, he couldn’t contain himself to join them.
         “Jesus Christ! Finally you started to talk. As far as my eyes can see, you are getting along with our guest.”
         “Cut your peaches dude!”  
          “I saw you really cheerful today man! You are getting better. I am so happy for you.” said Walter sarcastically.
          “So be it Walter. Okay maybe I can even let you tell my story for Martin since I am a bit better today.”
          “What happened to you today man! Damn, okay I am starting. He is Jasper. He comes from a town full of narrow minded Catholics. As far as you can see, my wayward son always denied their beliefs and he went with the flow in the guidance of Rock’n Roll. His rebel manner cost him a lot. The entire town excluded Jasper and whenever they saw a crime they all suspected from him. Like every story he fell in love with a girl who was the daughter of mayor. She was loving him too. Their relationships weren’t accepted by both Jasper’s and girl’s family. Damn I forgot her name. Anyway, one day they decided to leave that town, but a plot related to a murder ruined their all plans. Jasper was the victim of that plot and he ended up in here.”
           Hearing that story, Martin’s wonder about Jasper has increased. What kind of plot was it? There were shitloads of mystery in that story. While he was thinking, Jasper cut Walter’s words.

         “You are the worse story teller ever Walter. Damn, the cost of being a prisoner is not so cheap like that.”

         “If you say that why don’t you get rid of your melancholy just for a minute and tell us your real story completely hah our cool boy?”

         “If you really want this, I will tell you. But it will be the first and the last chance to hear that. So you had better listen to me carefully.”



         When I opened my eyes it was about 10 pm. I didn’t want to be late for my date with Alaska. Before I went to the bathroom, I turned my music player on. I had a shower with an awesome song from Black Sabbath. Starting to think about my love and coming my father’s angry voice to my ears were in the same moment.

         ‘Turn that satanic loud off you anarchic psycho! At least you must respect the importance of our sacred Sunday!’

I didn’t care about that zealot while I was drying my hair. It was getting longer day by day. I put on my black leather pants and jacket. I looked at my boots. They were a bit dirty since we have to meet at the forest every time. I started to clean them. I damned my bigot father and Alaska’s narrow minded family. Since my mother’s death, my father devoted himself to church, which hates me more than everything. If we were in medieval age, that church would excommunicate me or they would sentence me to death. F*****g dogmatic b******s… I will never be a dogmatic douchebag like them. Never ever... Having put my boots on, I have saw my father stares at me in front of my door.

         “Where the hell are you going?” he asked me with his anger.

         “I am gonna head to the river. Maybe I can catch some fishes.”

         “Don’t bullshit me! You will meet mayor’s girl Alaska again! Look, whole of the town is suspected of you. If someone see you f*****g anarchic with her, they will kill you. Even no one wants you in that town, how do you dare to trick our mayor’s daughter”

         “Enough! I am your goddamn son… Why are you supposed to be like them? Why can’t you accept me as I am? I can’t listen country songs or pray in that churches like you…”

He sighed. “Your mother is ashamed of you. Maybe you can’t believe, but she watches us from the sky and whenever she looks at you, she only begged the God for your escape. Escape from the hands of demons…”

         “If she was alive, she wouldn’t let you act me like a pig”

         “Enough!” His voice echoed all around the house. He dragged me and said,

         “You are coming with me to the church. You will get rid of your f*****g satanic clothes and tapes. You will pray to god for forgiving you!”

         “F**k you a*s hole!”

He threw a punch into my face. I felt that my nose started to bleed. I was torn apart. There was no one who accept me as I am, but Alaska…

         “Pack your bag. When I come back from the church, I won’t see you in my house…”

He stormed out. I have never seen him such that angry. I knew that it was an unavoidable end, so I had already started to save money from fishing. I guess I had enough money to escape from that town with Alaska. Until I find a new job, that money will help us to survive. But I didn’t know whether she will accept to leave that town with me. I took my bag. I didn’t have so much stuff. I just picked my essential stuff and money and headed to the forest in order to see my love.

She was waiting for me with her anxious. She was looking so beautiful like every time. Her long black hairs were shining under the light beam that comes among the branches of the great tree. She was pretty tall, but though she could reach only my shoulders. She generally prefers not to wear her makeup. She already had a beauty like belongs to angels without goddamn chemical dyes. As soon as she saw me, she grabbed me to hug.

“Oh Jasper! There are really no words strong enough to describe my all longing for you.”

“Same for me my love! All I want is just you… I want to live with you forever…”

“I want it too. Jasper, unfortunately I don’t so much time today. Since my father started to suspect us, he keeps an eye on me. I need to go back home as soon as it is possible.”

“I understand… But…” I stumbled.

“Alaska, my father has kicked me from home. Like whole town he hates me too. We already knew that it would happen early or late. Come with me. Let us leave that goddamn town. We can move to the capital city. I can work every day to gain money. Remember you all the time wanted to be a teacher. I can afford your new university’s fee. You don’t have to leave that town and study as a lawyer in order to obey your father’s decisions. Believe me! We are free… We can do whatever we want. The world is really bigger than we thought. Life is very beautiful, but too short to live in a cage…”     

         After my words she looked so confused and a bit surprised. I gave her the key of her cage in order for her to break free. If she didn’t accept my offer, I would feel down. But her love was strong. It was strong enough to leave all her life behind just for me.

         “I love you Jasper… Whatever happens I will always be with you… Wait me here this midnight. I will be there...”

After she left, I headed to catch some fish like what I told my father. I couldn’t catch so much, but it was okay. I sold them to restaurant. The time was absolutely moving way slowly. I was waiting for midnight impatiently. I watched the sunset. Tomorrow would be a totally different day… It would be another day, just like I’ve prayed for even I don’t believe in God. Another chance, another hope…

Seeing she comes to me in midnight, I realized that the time we would break free had finally come. She was looking so nervous, but I could see the light of hope in her eyes. We were happy to start a new life. It was high time we both started to live our own lives. No parents, no religions, no prejudiced public… Only she and me…

We were heading to the next town in order to take a bus. There was nobody who can know us at the next town. We had to pass an alley. We didn’t know that it would be the greatest mistake which we have made in our lives. A man in black came to me from the darkness with a gun in his hand.

“Take me whatever you have, if your life is more valuable.”

I dragged Alaska behind me in order to protect her. She was shaking because of her fear. I looked at the guy. He was absolutely serious. If I had given him my bag, I would have lost everything for creating the new life with my love. I would have lost the another day, our another life, our only hope.

         “Can’t you hear me! Your lives or your money!”

I decided very quickly. I would fight once again to gain my freedom or I would die. I took his hand quickly and aimed to the sky. One head-butt to him which wasn’t enough to cut his attention. I shouted at Alaska to run. I have kicked him to break his defense. I accomplished it. He dropped his gun. I started to punch him over and over again. He was on the ground. I couldn’t keep myself to punish that guy who dared to steal my freedom, our freedom… Finally I have decided to leave him. When I realized that he took his knife already, he was storming me with it. Seeing the knife, I heard one hand shot. His face has been torn apart and he hit the ground. I looked at him. First time in my life I was looking at a dead body. Me… The psycho, anarchic boy of the town… Jasper… I was looking at a dead body first time. Maybe no one would believe me, but I have feared of hearing that shot and seeing that body so much. I turned behind me and saw my Alaska with the gun in her hand. My Alaska, my love… She turned on a killer to gain our freedom. To save my life. I had to keep calm. I looked at her eyes.

         “Listen to me my love! Don’t fear. Firstly we need to get rid of that gun. Everything gonna be fine. Believe me!”

But she couldn’t believe me. She cried her eyes out. I took the gun from her hands. I grabbed her and dragged to out of that goddamn alley. We ran and ran, but the sound of sirens stopped us. We saw a car of police officer in front of us.

         “Freeze!” The police officer shouted.

We had to stop and surrender. He came and handcuffed both of us. Seeing the gun at my belt by police officer was not a surprising deal. He took the gun, but not only the gun. He took a great chance to accuse me of being a murderer. It was the salvation for the town. Anarchic, psycho, kidnapper now the murderer Jasper… Finally he will be in jail. Congratulations folks. You accomplished to get rid of Jasper. Jasper who didn’t do anything to you narrow minded idiots, but loving someone more than anything in his life…

         After that night everything happened like my predicts. Everybody was in agreed with the same idea. Anarchic boy of the town is murderer. And of course kidnapper. Alaska didn’t accept anything. Maybe it was better. No one would care about her words. They found a chance to send me to the prison. They couldn’t leave it to chance. She only stayed silence and of course no one asked for my self-defense too. Lawyers and judge carried everything out for us. The court sentenced me to prison. 10 years, no 20, maybe 30 or come on make this 40… I didn’t give a s**t about the time. It doesn’t matter. They took my another day from me. They took my youth from me. They took my love from me… I fought to the last drop of my blood for my freedom, but I failed. That b******s couldn’t stand someone who can think, who can want to live or who can love. They took me to the vehicle which would take me to my prison. I looked at Alaska from the window. I barely distinguished two words from her lips.

“Forgive me…”




         “Oh my goddess!” said Martin.

There were still some tears in his eyes. It was the most sorrowful story he has heard so far. After Martin, Walter started to talk end of his deep silence.

         “Oh my friend! I didn’t know that details of your story. I am so sorry.”

Walter now understood why sometimes Jasper gives money to guards in order to smuggle him some whiskey. And why he was upset and depressed all the time.

         “Alright guys! You heard enough tragedy today. And I didn’t demand your sympathy. Didn’t you listen Bohemian Rhapsody? I am just a poor boy, nobody loves me…”

Martin was a bit confused. He asked Jasper.

         “Dude! You are totally innocent! Why didn’t you tell anything to judge? You didn’t kidnap anyone, besides you didn’t kill anyone too. There was only one dead who was a f*****g bandit. You didn’t deserve to live there.”

         “Tell me that which one of us deserved it Martin? Walter or you? Don’t you see anything? If there is a god above us, we are only his forgotten sons. That’s all. What was I supposed to do? To blame my love for being a murderer? If you really think like that, you know nothing about the love. I don’t feel any regret about the things I have made for the love. Love means never having to say you are sorry. Maybe I can’t be happy with her, but I know that she will be happy with somebody else in somewhere else. But though, I know that wherever she goes, she will look up to the same sky with me. Only knowing that is enough for me…”   

         Jasper went back to his place while Walter was dealing with his wood carving. Everything has reverted back slowly. Martin headed to his bed. Only two questions were having on his mind. Was his love for Violet really strong like Jasper’s love? And was looking up to the same sky really enough for him too?                                                                                       

© 2016 Kay Beaver

Author's Note

Kay Beaver
Did you like Jasper's background? If you wonder about what will happen to that three young prisoners, wait for the Day III

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During "day 1" your lapses in English construction were minimal & not distracting. I'm sorry to say that here in "day 2" your lapses are more frequent & distracting. I had to re-read a few times to understand. But I applaud you for working so hard to learn better English by practicing on a long story like this. Despite bumps in your English, your storytelling comes thru strong & clear.

I have never read a story from someone learning English where the "sound" of swearing & slang & situational nuances are still coming thru well-written & realistic. Overall, your storytelling is strong becuz of telling your story with lots of natural-sounding dialogue, revealing your characters this way, & also moving the action along with intrigue & suspense. I definitely get a strong sense of the vision you hold in your mind of how this story progresses. Keep practicing, as this is the best way to make it sound more & more natural!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your helpful and constructive comments... I am working hard to fix my grammar errors s.. read more
you are a great story teller,always interesting,and leave us wondering

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your polite words and following the story...

1 Year Ago

my pleasure
I see some inspiration from "Carry on Wayward Son", and then again "Bohemian Rhapsody". These inmates have more complex histories than one might expect.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

Carry on my wayward son is a correct guess. He is totally Jasper...

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Kay Beaver

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