A Guest in the Jail (Day VI)

A Guest in the Jail (Day VI)

A Chapter by Kay Beaver

It is called life…






It is called life…  



         “Come on Jasper, tell me now! What did Aiden show you last night? Was it really your future?”

         “How can I know Martin? Don’t bullshit me! Have I ever seen my future before?”

         “So it means he showed you something! Oh my lord… How was it? Were you free, what about Alaska or what about us? We were still friends I guess, oh I almost forgot… What about your father…”

         “That is enough Martin!” Jasper was sick of Martin’s questions. He was questioning Jasper since the last night, but Jasper couldn’t have recovered from the shock of last night. The view that Aiden showed him was so explicit that there was no difference between the reality. He knew no one could know the future, but he really wanted that view to be real. He was free, he was happy and he was totally himself.

          “What I saw last night was the most wonderful thing of my life, but don’t forget this Martin, no one can know tomorrow and Aiden is just a freak.”

         Martin was really wondering about his future. He didn’t care about whether Aiden was a freak or not. He wanted Aiden to show him his future like he showed Jasper yesterday. As soon as he attempted to Aiden for his claim, Aiden turned around, looked at Martin and he said. “Jasper is right Martin. No one can see the future. Every single body molds their future by their choices. What I have showed Jasper last night was just one of life possibility. If he wants to make this real it is totally up to him.”

         Martin knew what he said was right, but he couldn’t have eased his wonder. “What would happen, if I saw one of those beautiful possibilities?”

         Aiden smiled at him. “Why do you want this?”

         “Because I wonder about loads of things…”

         “What are you supposed to do is simple. If you wonder, you need to live.”

         “If I saw a beautiful thing is waiting for me, it would encourage me to live.”

         Aiden was really sick of his insistent. “Here a spoiler for you! Loads of beautiful things are waiting for you; on the other hand, loads of crabby things are waiting for you too. They are almost equal. It is called life… You can be a president or stay as a prisoner; both of them are totally possible. Just make your choices wisely and go with the flow!”

         Martin got sick and tired of Aiden’s affectation. “Why do you have to be that mystery? Just touch my forehead and show me something. It is my choice!”

         Aiden stared at him for long after that he closed his eyes. He seemed to thinking about something. When he opened his eyes back he came eye to eye with Martin, he touched his forehead and said. “So enjoy your choices!”



         Martin left the court house. It was just another successful case, he saved an innocent child from accusing of a crime that he didn’t commit. He was totally happy with the life he lives in. He had already stopped thinking about his mistakes he made before and he started to live in a life that includes no regret and obsession. He walked through his car; he started it and rode to the kinder garden. He was passing streets that full of his childhood memories. He never wanted to leave the city that he was born, the city that he learned the life from and the city gave him the best gift that he could take from the life. He preferred to keep on living in the city that he belongs to.

          He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t have kept himself from remembering his jail days on that afternoon. Maybe he remembered this because of the kid he defended on the court. The cruel dead had taken poor Walter from the life and Martin prayed every night for his dear friend to be in a better place. Walter was not with him anymore, but the life hadn’t let him meet Jasper and Aiden too. Maybe he learned most of the things in his life from them in that one week. He was just a guest in the jail and his friends were teachers of the life. Walter as a teacher of hope, belief and innocence; Jasper as a teacher of freedom, passion and maturity; Aiden as a teacher of mystery… He was right. The life is full of mysteries and it always changes with the choices that you make. There was one more teacher in his life and he found that teacher with the best choice of his life. That teacher thought him the life was so short to get stuck in the past. There was always a possibility of a wonderful life that waits. Just forget the past and admit when you fail… He learned that even though running after dreams, never giving up are essential parts of the life, he shouldn’t let his passion turn into obsession. When it turns he could never see the other chances of the life.

         That night… That august night… If there is a god above, he noted that night as Martin’s getting rid of his obsessions night. That night granted him his last teacher of the life. Martin parked his car in front of the kinder garden and started to wait for the bell to be ringed. He kept on remembering that august night and all of a sudden he noticed that his cell phone was ringing. He looked at the screen; there was the name saved as ‘My deariest’ and numbers seems bottom of the name. The numbers he barely saw end of that August night. The numbers that changed his life; the numbers opened him the doors of a new possibility of the future. That august night and the best concert of the world performed by the best rock band of the world; The White Pigeon…

         Martin was graduated from his high school. Even though that’s water under the bridge since he spent his one week in the jail, all of his friends in the school were still talking about that deal. He promised himself that he would never see any of them ever. He was preparing himself to join the university. Everything was actually boring, but it was okay for him. He tried to forget about Violet for good and keep on living in his ritual life. There was one month to start a new life, but on an august night he got a calling from his best high school friend for a concert invitation. The all newly graduates of the school were going to join that concert. It would be the last party they were going to join together. The full of music, drugs, sex and rock’n roll… After that night everybody would let life drag them to their destinies and go on their paths. So at this night they wanted to see their prisoner bad a*s friend for last night. Martin didn’t want to see any of them, but he was wondering about that band; The White Pigeon… That band rose in very short time and became the most popular rock band of the year. It was on the world tour and that was the last leg of the tour. It was going to be the most spoken concert of the year. So he couldn’t keep himself from joining that night. He made his life changing choice…

         The concert area was so crowded and loud. People were getting crazy for the band. All of his friends were there, even Violet… He tried to avoid getting eye to eye with her. His friends were still kidding about his imprisonment days, but he tuned out. He has just focused on the band and the alcohol. During the late hours of the night he couldn’t have counted the bottles of beers he drank. He looked around to find his friends, but they were disappeared. Who cares? He left himself to the rhythm of the music.

          The white pigeon was playing love songs, separation songs, freedom songs… He tried to look at the stage. The guitarist’s solos were awesome. The view was full of blur because of the alcohol, but he barely saw the guitarist’s silhouette. A tall muscle man with long orange hair, messy beard that shows his face more mature and a cigarette on his mouth… Was he Jasper? He couldn’t believe in his eyes. If he didn’t saw a day dream because of the alcohol, he was totally Jasper. He shouted ‘You are a legend Jasper! Keep on rocking my friend!’ The rest of the night was lapsing wonderful after he realized Jasper was there, until he saw something. Two people were fighting; one man and one girl. He was about to faint being drunk, loud music, weird mood… He couldn’t focus on anything. If there was a fight maybe he just needed to stay away, but the voice of that girl was totally familiar. He didn’t want to believe in his ears. She was Violet! He ran through them and saw the boy she was fighting with was her boyfriend Tom. He didn’t care about why he ended up in jail and he punched Tom again for saving his love. Violet pulled Martin toward herself and shouted at him.

         “What is wrong with you? You’re such a psycho! Leave Tom alone!”

         Martin really pissed off. What was wrong with her? He loved Violet more than everything, he ruined his entire school life because of his love and he never worried about ending up in jail one more time for only defending her, but she was still accusing Martin for being bad for Tom! Tom… Such a dick boy that betrayed Violet loads of time, never give any taste of value to her and now using violence against her due to effect of the alcohol...

              “I should ask what is YOUR problem? I loved you more than anything, I am ready to spare my life for your love, but you act me that harsh while worshiping that dick?”

         Violet slapped him in the face and said. “You know anything neither about me nor the love.” She helped Tom to get up and walked through the exit. Martin could have followed them, but he preferred to stay.

         The concert was about to finish. They were playing the last song. At the end of the song Jasper started to play his guitar solo. That was an extreme solo. Martin stared at him carefully. Jasper playing that solo was not Jasper belongs to five minutes ago anymore. That was Jasper in his imprisonment days. That young, anarchic and wise boy; a friend of him… Martin realized that Jasper lost himself. He was not playing that guitar; he was like trying to destroy it. He has never heard that fast and harsh solo in his life. The sight was not clear, but he saw red leak coming from Jasper’s hands. Was it blood? At the end of the song Jasper hit the floor and apparently the concert finished. Singer helped him to get up. All of a sudden something weird happened. Jasper saw something among the audience and he jumped into them. Now hundreds of people that got crazy for him tried catch that god of guitar. Jasper was like running after someone and rest of people running after him. Martin was among of them. He just wanted to get rid of that crowd. He was struggling against crush hazard. Just before he fell down because of a drunk running fun of Jasper, a girl caught Martin’s arm and said. “Come with me if you want to live!”

         Martin ran with that lady and they escaped from that crazy crowd. Who was that lady saved his life. He wanted to ask.

         “I am Martin, if I remember it correctly. What is yours?”

         “Apparently you are as drunk as me! If I remember it well that was Plodina.”

         “What a weird name it is.”

         “Well, I am not to blame for my name…”

         “You are right, but you can blame me for not seeing you for the entire night. For the entire life…”

         “Have you ever heard that quote from someone? It is never too late…”

         Martin and Plodina spent the last hours of the night together. Martin went along the way to her home. They talked about so many things, they saw their common points, and they shared their thoughts, passions and dreams. They narrated their life stories honestly. Plodina listened about his imprisonment days and the parts related o Violet carefully. Plodina was going to tell him there was still life to live on and being stuck in the past was just an obsession for him to get rid of, but when she looked at his eyes she understood that there was no point to mention it. He had already learnt what he needed to learn from her. Martin had never felt that happy in his life. Every movement of Martin approached him to Plodina. Every pain he tasted, every tear he dropped for Violet, every day in the jail and every embarrassed moment of his life; they were just little steps for reaching her. Every second of life that he lived was just sacrificed time for finding her. He felt no regret about his mistakes. If even one of them was missing, he would never meet her. All of his mistakes and choices of life were just tasks for him to find his meaning of life. If he was not at the concert tonight or he followed Violet instead of waiting for the end of the show or maybe if he hadn’t been in jail he would never get to meet Plodina. And now he was the winner for the first time. He was eye to eye with his meaning of the life. He eased his obsessions and opened his eyes for the future. He thanked Violet for dragging him into a searching for the meaning of the life, he thanked his friend Jasper for helping him to run after his passions and freedom, he thanked Walter for helping him to keep his innocence and hope, he thanked Aiden for encouraging him for the future, he thanked his bully friends for inviting him, he thanked The White Pigeon for the awesome music, he even thanked Tom the dick for showing how a person can be such a dick… And finally he thanked Plodina, but this was voiced.

         “Thank you Plodina. I don’t want to lose you, if you give me your number or something.”

          Plodina started to laugh loudly and said. “I bet when you wake up tomorrow you won’t be able to remember even your name. We are both drunk, but though maybe we can remain as sweet dreams in our thoughts. And if you consider your dream as a new hope for brilliant future and want to make your dreams real you can reach me from that number. You can call me in anytime, anywhere and any possibility.” She wrote her number on Martin’s hand. She kissed him and entered her house. After that talk Martin really get suspicious about what he experienced. Would it be really just a dream? Even it was just a dream it didn’t matter. He learned what he had to learn. There was still life waiting for him. When a little light beam reached his hand he understood that the dawn was breaking. The August night that changed his life was over. Martin looked at his hand and tried to memorize that phone number. Tried to memorize that numbers that would make his life wonderful…

         A few second passed since Martin’s phone rang, he saw the caller “My Deariest” and her number that he already memorized a few years ago, so he decided to pick up his phone before making her wait for the whole day.

         “Hey, Plodina how are you doing?”

         “I am great sweetheart thank you. I just wanted to remind you that you needed to take little Walter from his kindergarden.”

         “Don’t worry honey. I am already in front of the building. He is about to come.”

         “I already knew you are such a responsible father and a lovely husband.”

         “Come on not a big deal honey, don’t make me cry.”

         “Okay, as you wish. So I will see you guys at dinner. Drive safely.”

         “Always! Love you…”

         “Love you too…”

         Finally he heard the bell that indicates it is time for kids to leave the building. He saw his little son running toward him.

         “Hello my little Walter, let’s give a hug to your father…”







         Martin couldn’t have said anything after Aiden showed him. He was the happiest man in the world. He was so surprised that he couldn’t have thought about any girl except Violet before, but now he was longing for Plodina. He just could have thanked Aiden for showing that future. Aiden answered sarcastically.

         “If I were you, I would think twice before thanking for it. By the way I won’t be there by next morning. That place is so narrow for me, besides there is nothing remained for me to do here, so I don’t belong here anymore.”

         Aiden saw Walter’s bloody Pigeon figure, he took it in his hands passed it to Martin and continued.

         “Life is very beautiful, but too short to live in a cage… You both don’t forget about what experienced in here, don’t lose your hope, and don’t forget that only the true love is really worth everything, just breathe deeply and keep on living, keep on loving… You will face loads of struggles, you will have to do hard choices, you will get mad among those possibilities, you will realize nothing remains the same; there are always ups and downs because it is called life… Just Carpe Diem!”

         Aiden said his last words and walked through his bed. He closed his eyes for going on a journey to dream land or beautiful possibilities land… Now Martin and Jasper were alone to understand about what he wanted to tell him by saying he needed to think twice before thanking him.

         The future Aiden showed him was the best possibility that Martin could ever imagine. He wanted to ask whether all of them would be real or not, but he already knew the answer. It was up to him… Every little step and every little choice was going to approach him to Plodina. When he thought about what Aiden has done to him or Jasper, it was so cruel thing to do. The future that he watched it was the best possibility and he was ready to do anything for reaching it, but what if he couldn’t. Reaching to Plodina just was a deal of seconds! How could he catch her again? He needed to wait for Jasper to create The White Pigeon. He shouted at Jasper.

         “Jasper, please create a rock band and call it The White Pigeon. And please don’t forget about playing your guitar until you cut your fingers and jump into the audience, if you don’t mind!”

         “I was just planning to do this since last night, no big deal!”

         So Martin realized that Aiden showed Jasper similar things with what he showed him. How could they done that night real? When he should have started to drink, how many bottle he needed to take, which spot he needed to stand, when crowd started to run toward Jasper with which velocity and through which direction he needed to run in order to find Plodina again. F**k… The possibility for meeting her was around 1 out of 1000000000000. Aiden was trying to describe it, but both Jasper and Martin couldn’t have understood it until that time. The life is full of surprises. Everything can be happened every time so it is pointless to run after an absolute deal. But now they both had to run… They didn’t want to miss the possibility of living in a heaven. Even though the fear of missing Plodina embraced him, he started to think; it was just another possibility that the life is full of. No one mentioned it was the best one, besides no one mentioned he needed to live in the best possibility. Maybe he would catch a better possibility, who knows? Only thing he became sure about in that night was whatever happens, the life is worth living…

© 2016 Kay Beaver

Author's Note

Kay Beaver
Thanks for following me until that time. Sorry for being late Saying goodbye is always hard, but it is neccessary to write a last chapter even though all of the messages have been given in those six days. So keep on following for the last day of the story that will be released soon...

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I had a hard time following the progression of the story here. In places, it felt like something I'd already read, so I went back to read the previous chapter again, to see if I forgot something. There are some similarities between the two chapter which felt a little redundant to me.

There are places where it seems you go on & on in a dream-like state of wondering this & that, like showing us the analysis in a person's mind, but not following a distinct storyline with action. I think there's too much of this "in the head" pondering & not enuf action to move the storyline onward. I had a hard time distinguishing between what was imagining & what was the real life storyline. I'm not really sure how this chapter connects to the rest of the story. I'm sorry I came out of this feeling so confused.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I found myself more interested each paragraph.Very cool story.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

Thank you for your positive comment, I am glad you find the story interesting.
How could they done that night real.? Some errors but of interest to anyone that likes that kind of a tale. Valentine

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

I prefered to move away from the reality for showing how the possibilities of life and destiny work... read more
this is a great chapter,it was interesting all the way through,and that`s what sells books

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Kay Beaver

1 Year Ago

Thank you for reviewing and your polite words...

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