why or why not

why or why not

A Story by Summer R

one mans decision

It was a bright shiny bluest of days when it began,a being coming and standing before me. Telling me that the fate of all mankind was in my hands. There was no doubt who this being was,and i did not even have the slightest hesitation in believing the words spoken.I have chosen you,and you alone ,to ponder the existence of mankind.I give you seven days as what is told that all came into existence. Look around you and inside you,i shall return and on that return ,give me the debate of  good and evil,tell me the extremes and the petty. Decide the destiny of all mankind,should they be wiped out beyond a doubt,or shall they be be fated to carry on.
 Now i sit,hours away to give my claim of what shall be passed by my own judgement.
I have watched,i have listened,i have asked and i have far reached out.

For mankind has been brutal yet shown great mercy and love.
They have accomplished great feats,works of art.
Beauty of such greatness it has made hard men cry,
evil doers fall to their knees.

Men and woman have given their own lives to save another.
They have reached out helping hands to those in desperate need.
There are those that have given to those that do not even know.
There are the kind,true of heart that needs no reason to act on compassion.
Those that have only smiled and raised anthers heart,
A word of empathy ,to gain a lift of confidence.

But,then there are those that hate to simply hate.
To kill for selfish cause,to not think of a life drained away by their hand and the pain and suffering rendering.
There are those  that lie,no care to the suffering for which it leads.
Those that torture and torment and take great delight.
Those that have no care for a world that provides us life.
Acts of selfishness to leave others forsaken.
meanness abound to feel more proud.

I sit here,with pen and paper,a list of why and why nots.
The whys seem to be a  heavier,weighted by many more pages.
I hear the clocks ticking hands as the moment grows nearer,my heart races for i know the why is heftier than the why not. 
But,it is my choice and was so given,i am to give the debate but then also give the reason of choice of why and why not.
On paper it is clear,but in my heart i hold this world dear.

The stunning beauty holds all its own,but one kind word is equal to the same.
shall i dam them all for the sins of many,or let them find some hope and peace ,even if fleeting in a world of hate.

I hear the last tick of the hour and the being appears,not a word is uttered i know the score'
I begin my debate of mankind's fate.

I watch as i speak,not a movement is caught,like ice the stare.
Not a nod nor shrug or crease of brow.

To the being i give my why and why not but at the end all is said is now the choice.

I breath deep and heavy, much woe in my heart and heaviness in my soul,
And then speak.......

© 2017 Summer R

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Added on September 29, 2017
Last Updated on October 7, 2017
Tags: story, mankind, choice, decision, heartbreak, lost


Summer R
Summer R


Hi, I have been wrighting since i was 12 years old,,i started with short stories and have written quit a few but seeing i was very young i donot display that work. But in the last 10 or 12 years i h.. more..

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