A New Home

A New Home

A Story by Tim

 Teddy patted his stomach. He was feeling really stuffed. “This extra padding will help me as I get ready for my journey,” he thought. Teddy had been preparing for his journey for a few days now. The time for is departure was getting closer. He would be traveling to a faraway land and maybe finding a new home. In the short time left he needed to finish a few things before he had to leave on his trip.

  The day finally came when Teddy was to leave. Teddy was nervous and excited at the same time. His excitement had kept him awake most of the night, but the lack of sleep did not dim his excitement.  Teddy had never traveled this far before. He new it would take a few days to reach his destination. The longevity of the trip did not dim his spirits. He thought of all the new places and things he would see.

  It was time for Teddy to leave. He said his goodbyes and left to board the plane. As he headed to the plane he looked down at the letter in his hand. As important for him to find his new home, it was just as important to deliver the letter in his hand. He wondered if he would be accepted at his new home. There were so many thoughts running through his mind at that time.

 Teddy boarded the plane and settled in. The plane sped down the runway and lifted off the runway. Climbing until it leveled out as it reached the correct altitude. Teddy lay back and closed his eyes hoping to catch up on some of the sleep he had missed the night before. He was soon dreaming of the new adventures that lay ahead.

 Teddy was awoken as the plane landed with a bump. He was surprised that he had slept the whole trip. He soon left the plane and began the second part of his journey, to find his new home and deliver the letter.

 He bounced along in the truck as it made it’s way through the countryside and down the winding roads.  Town after town past by as the truck rumbled along. Teddy took in all the sights as they passed by. After a few hours of travel he was close to his destination. His excitement grew knowing that he was almost there.

  Once Teddy reached the town that he was going to, he began to search for the address given to him. Holding tight the letter he was to deliver he left the truck and began his search. He searched one street after another. Traveling up one road and down the next He looked and looked, but could not find the address. He stopped and inquired as to where the street might be. Some sent him one way and others sent him another way. But he still came up with nothing.

 Teddy’s excitement was beginning to diminish. He had spent most of the day looking and was getting nowhere. It was getting late and darkness was setting in. He decided to look for a place to spend the night. “I will get a good nights sleep and start fresh in the morning,” he thought.

 The next morning Teddy again made a few inquires and started out again. It was a bright sunny day and his excitement began to grow again. “ Today will be the day,” he thought, “ I just know it.” But as the day wore on he still could not find the address given him.  He began to think about what would happen if he could not find the home that he was looking for. Teddy’s hope was waning and tears began to roll down his cheeks.  But he would not give up yet, not until he had searched every part of the town if he had too. He stopped everyone on the street that he passed but no one could help him out.

  After a week of searching and covering every road, street and dead end in the town he came up with nothing. He looked down at the letter in his hand and the realization came that he would not be able to deliver it. He began to plan his return.

   The plane landed and Teddy made his way back to his old home. There was a look of shock and surprise when Teddy came through the door. Teddy unpacked holding the letter in his hand. He then wondered what would happen next.

  The letter was taken from Teddy’s hand. The letter was then placed in a drawer and Teddy was placed back into his box. The box was then placed upon a shelve in the closet.

 Teddy would sit in the dark for long periods of time. Occasionally the closet door would open and light would come in and he would look around. “ I shall not be in here long, “he thought.  But the hours turned into days. The days turned into weeks. Then the weeks turned into months. Teddy just sat there in the darkness.

 One day the closet door opened and Teddy could feel the box being lifted up. The box was taken from the closet. Teddy was lifted out of the confines of the box. It felt good to stretch his limbs. His eyes were adjusting to the light, but before he could look around he felt the cold air as the door was opened.

  On the way to the car Teddy was placed in a bag. “ I wonder were I am going now,” Teddy said to himself as he bounced around on the seat.  Soon the car stopped in front of a big building. As they left the car Teddy could see how big the building was. He had never seen this building before.

  They entered the building and walked down a long hallway. Then they turned left and began walking down another hallway.  About half way down the hallway they stopped in front of a bench. Sitting on the bench was a young girl who was crying. Her face was streaked with tears. It seemed like she had been crying for a long time. As much as the lady sitting next to her tried to console her she would not stop crying. Teddy was pulled from the bag and handed to the little girl.

  The girl slowly lifted her head and looked at Teddy. Teddy was placed in her lap and he slowly hugged the young girl.  The little girl hugged Teddy back and began to cry even harder.  Teddy sat there and let her cry on his shoulder. Soon her crying began to subside. “Thank you,” she said quietly.  “He is a good bear he will take good care of you,” was the reply.

  Teddy sat hugging the young girl knowing that he now had a new home and someone to care for.  As Teddy watched his old friend walk away he saw him stop and pull a letter from his pocket. Teddy recognized the letter as he watched him standing there reading it. When he finished reading the letter he placed it back in his pocket and continued walking down the hall.

© 2008 Tim

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Lol you know what? I loved this Tim. You had me wondering from the beginning if this name was just a coinsidence. Then as the story progressed and you threw a few hinter lines I started to lean more to the idea that Teddy was just what his namesake was lol. I loved this ending. Helped me to grasp that touched feeling and expression. I am so glad I finally found the time to read at least one of your stories. I've been so horrible when you've beena wonderful friend and support. Thank you for that and i will tryto catch up on your writes more often. Be encouraged and never dtoop writing. As long as there is life, there is always a story to tell...and even after we are dead and gone, there will come another to resume that tale in our stead. Love you Tim. take care...


Posted 9 Years Ago

This is such a wonderful story and so heartwarming and so sincere as well. I throughly enjoyed your write.
You have a knack for story telling. This is so wonderful i enjoyed this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I must admit, you had me going there too. :) A sad yet heartwarming tale, Tim .... Wonderfully written my friend and it's great to read you again ... hugs - Tiana

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ahhhhh. I had to think about it for a while. I thought I had it and then----well, it's a sweet story, even if I can't figure it all out.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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