Winter Swim

Winter Swim

A Story by Tim

A little winter adventure.



 It was a bitter cold January morning. The temperatures were in the low teensand there was a light wind that made it feel even colder. The skies were clear, so we were hoping that the temperatures would warm a little, as we would be spending the day outside.
 Being the dead of winter there is not much going on at the nursery. So one of our jobs was to count all the trees and shrubs growing in the fields. These counts would help the inventory and sales departments have a more acute inventory for spring sales. As long as there was no snow on the ground we would walk up and down the rows counting each and every plant.
 Six of us would be counting that day. We all bundled up in our warmest clothing. I was wearing coveralls over a number of shirts and sweatshirts. I also had on my heavy boots to keep my feet warm. Today was one of the coldest days of the winter.
 Four of us headed out to the field that was to be counted that day, while the other two would be along shortly. The field that was to be counted was a field of Colorado Blue spruce trees. The field sat up above a river. When we arrived at the field we decided that we would go down and check out the river while waiting for the other two to arrive. We slowly made our way down the embankment to the edge of the river.
 The river was gray and very cold looking that day. It was running swiftly and one could see the undercurrents swirling about. Chunks of ice could also be seen floating by, as we stood there on the rock watching the river rush by and tossing a few sticks in to watch them float by. A few minutes later we heard the horn of the other truck letting us know that they had arrived. “Time to go count,” I said to the others as we turned to head up the hill.
 Just as I turned to leave my feet slipped out from under me.  I fell backwards and landed hard on my back on to the rock. Then the next thing, I remember, I was in the river sinking. I could see the bubbles of air floating up before my face as I continued to sink. My clothing quickluy became soaked with water and my boots filled with water causing me to sink fast. Realizing what was happening  I began to fight to reach the surface. The heaviness of the clothing made it difficult to swim. But after a few strong kicks and strokes with the arms I broke the surface just my lungs felt like they were going to explode. I could hear my coworkers yelling to me as I tried to get my bearings.
The next part was even harder. By now I was soaked to the skin and the weight of the clothing was making it difficult to swim. Along with the swiftness of the river getting to the edge was not going to be easy. What seemed like eternity was more like ten minutes. Using all my strength I finally made it over to the rocks where I was meet with outstretched hands of my coworkers. Half climbing and half being pulled I finally made it out of the river. I lay there out of breath and exhausted as the shock of the cold started to set in.
 “I almost jumped in after you,” replied Mark.
“Why would you do that you swim like a rock,” I replied.
“I thought you had hit your head on the rock and was knocked out,” he said.
 I stood and told Mark to go start my truck.  I began to make  my way up the hill,  peeling off  wet clothes as I climbed.. By the time I made it to the truck I was down to my jeans and thermal shirt ans shaking like a leaf in a wind storm.
“Mark, drive me home”, I said as I jumped into the truck. Twenty minutes later I was in a hot shower getting warm.
 The best way to describe the next two days would be to call it a natural high. Between the shock of the cold water and the adrenaline rush every part of my body was awake and alive. Words cannot explain that feeling. After two days my body began to return to normal. Now I know why people join polar bear clubs. Just for the rush.
 Lying in bed the night of the incident I began to wonder what would have happened if I had not made it out. As I recounted previous incidences this was number nine- nine close brushes with death. Had I used up all my lives? Would number ten be the one that did me in? If so how would it happen?   But the Hand of protection was there that day keeping me calm and bringing me to safety.
Everyday I wonder why so many close calls with little or no injuries.  Everyday I am thankful for the new day and the beauty that it brings.


© 2009 Tim

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thank God you are ok I really enjoyed this write the best part was the part you are ok and still with us God Bless Hugs Diana.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow Tim! I kind of wish I didn't read this knowing what happened to you! I was holding my breath while reading this, my heart was beating so rapidly, I was literally nervous and scared! I am so thankful you were not seriously hurt. You've had many close encounters and I hope that was the last incident of its kind. I can understand why you would think about it each day, you had too many close calls! Thank God you are still with us my friend, I too and very thankful, Tim. Please take care of yourself and please be careful too ... Hugs - Tiana

Posted 9 Years Ago

Geez, that was a close one. It had to be awful scary, too. When I was in Alaska about thirty years ago, two of our Navy guys fell out of their boat in the Bering Sea. Luckily a tug boat got to them before it was too late. If we just had nine lives, I'd be seriously over-drawn, Tim. I hope you have a hundred more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I'm not all that great at giving reviews but I liked this story. I also liked the nine lives thing. Very descriptive. Ed

Posted 9 Years Ago

Hi Tim, Sounds pretty cold to me and maybe I will pass on the adrenalin rush! LOL I am sure you had a guadian angel looking after you on this day. Sounds to me like you have a very special angel watching over you and that he/she will continue to watch over you for many years to come. As always I have had a wonderful time reading your words and of course will return, hopefully a little more often as things seem to be calming some here. Wonderful as always.


Posted 9 Years Ago

I like the story overall and the ending thought of 'have you used up all your lives?'. I also like how the title is an understatement for the amount of drama going on- it really works. Problem wise, I think it could use a bit more description and descriptive imagery as a whole. It also could stand to be a bit more 'fleshed' out.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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