A Story by Will

At one time these men defended us against the tyranny of unknown forces beyond the dark curtain of space. Now they battle each other as one tries to sabotage those efforts to protect us.

    It was not long before First Sergeant Captain James K. Leidermann realized the truth of the situation.
"This is the last time," He spat angrily."This ends here!"
He ran down the corridors of the Imperial Vessel U.S.S. Valkyrie searching for the one who was responsible for this. That man who had initiated the destruction of the human race. Cyril. Commander General Cyril Rogerstein.
    Sweat poured down his brow as the fires that were quickly spreading across the decks of the Valkyrie grew in intensity.
    The once mighty Imperial Vessel had spent the last decade protecting the far reaches of the galaxy from invaders. Sector XII had once been a fierce place on the outer rims of Xerothi Omega but the arrival of the Valkyrie had brought with it an era of peace.
    That was all about to end. The massive ship's main thrusters were failing and without any power left it was gradually being pulled into the gravity orbit of the planet Zernon B.
As he passed a computer monitor James glanced at the readout, he was glad to note that most of the escape pods had jettisoned already. Whether or not there were actually survivors in those pods, he could only hope. Right now, he had no time for hopes; he only had time enough for one thing: Action. Unfortunately, he did not know where Cyril was hiding. Cyril had not jettisoned, he knew that much. The best he could do was to go back to where all the mayhem had started. The bridge. Fire had rendered all of the turbo lifts useless; he would have to take the stairs up eighty-seven decks.
    From the outside, the Valkyrie looked like a flaming metal meteor. Its oxygen tanks had been ruptured allowing fire to spill out into the vast ocean of space. It was nearing Zernon B's orbit and once it began its final descent it would all be too late.
    His bulging muscles strained from the lack of oxygen as he approached the final steps of his trek; his mind burned with the hatred he felt for his once dear friend. Looking at the door that would lead him to his final confrontation with Cyril, James took a moment to prepare himself. This would not be an easy fight. They had both studied under the same master. They knew all the same tricks, the same moves, had the same strength and ferocity. One thing was different however, that became clear when Cyril had decided to destroy that peace for which they had fought for so long. None of that mattered any more, he stepped forward into the sensor that would activate the final door separating James and his destiny.
    "CYRIL!"  He cried.  His was voice hoarse and cracked due to a lack of oxygen.
    "I see you've made it old friend. I thought perhaps the sentries I had sen,t you might have... Well regardless, I don't believe either of us will be leaving this room alive. Have you taken a look outside recently?"
    As James looked up, he could see they were entering Zernon B's atmosphere. Thick red clouds streaked past the windows as the Valkyrie plummeted to the surface of the planet.
    "Well, I suppose we don't have much time then!" James cried as he leapt at Cyril sword in hand.

© 2010 Will

Author's Note

This was the beginning to a story I wanted to write. However, it never got past this short introduction. But I liked it a lot and feel that it can stand on it's own as it is.

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Good story. It got more and more interesting as i got near the end. And the end itself was new and unique in a good way. Nice detailing. Good job :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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