The Perfect Document

The Perfect Document

A Story by Rory CJ Frankson

A Wordcraft Masters noted final document left on a dusty shelf marked 'All need Attend'

Do you know what is the perfect document... one that intimates and never commits. The object of the document is to convince the reader to your direction. Ultimately, it is their choice to accept it. That is when the stated remains neutral, complimentary in the Japanese way; Trading Faces. It is Polite and cordial at all costs. Save none lose Face. Reputation of the repertoire, lays there in the wordage, methodical word choice to meet the criteria expressed. That the Circle of proofs was brought to the front and centre of the focal premise penned with earnest flair, lest we forget impressions that last.

At least that's how it once was, when writers were a norm depended upon services rendered, and wordage held sway and eventually murdered by legalese. Proper Gentlemen no longer need their services, hacks took over with corporate rat race value in Slavery Capital. The writer chained to desk and cubical... pounding out useless words of no utter value. Not worth the paper it was printed on.

Oh how wordcraft suffered, as they were now hunted down and never were they paid a shillings pence for the perfect document... that time had past. Moved on. Some of the greats like JP Lovecraft maybe tombed and never read. Many thought Creativity was doomed, many were the dawning of the Soothe Sayers. Quick to rise the faint of heart with their clouded doom and gloom. There had to be a boon for the Perfect Document, there had to. Though it was and it required that all must attend the here enclosed.

No one opened it... there it sat. All that knew of it, knew who wrote it and half the reason no one felt they be the one to bring a perfect document to light. These would be a Master's last given writ. The other half being they were afraid of what it might project in why we had lost touch with Wordcraft... was it really dead. After it was opened, many thought is was rather weird, and many top English majors analyzed the thing, and many of them in their opinion; it could never be considered a document... that's simply preposterous. Many meditated on it long and hard, as it matched the Masters Writing not at all? Searched for a comparative and could not find... 'even one.' One student understood.

For that very reason... it was the Masters prefect mystery. He only never published that one, his last.

It stated therein... Be what you are.

© 2013 Rory CJ Frankson

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Added on September 12, 2013
Last Updated on September 12, 2013
Tags: wordplay, zen, mystery, requirement, Face, prose


Rory CJ Frankson
Rory CJ Frankson

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