A Poem by rosalie

A short poem about how you can change a life by chance.



Sometimes pain is hope

Sometimes the truth is a lie

Force a smile on your face

People don't want your problems, they pretend that they don't notice

A small slip of the fake smile and they look away

As long as you are smiling they say you are fine

Some people get really good at acting

Look a little closer

See the tears beneath the smile

See the cuts under the sleeve

Look a little closer, see what your words do to someone

Don't let them reach their tipping point

Your small words can make a big impact, it's your choice to make them good or bad

Sometimes too many bad impacts can make them slip

Slip farther then they have

Cut deeper then they have

Hold their breath a little longer

Make them lose their pain, making them lose their hope

You dont know whats going on with them, don't ever assume because most of the time you assume wrong

You might be their tipping point

You might be the one who makes them step off the ledge

Or the one that makes them jump

Looking around what do you see

If you say you see everyone happy

Look a little longer

Look a little harder

Peal back their walls

Find who they really are

See them hurting

See them struggling

Don't let them give up

Will them to fight a little longer, a little harder

Let them breath

© 2017 rosalie

Author's Note

please tell me your thoughts.

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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TOPIC THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS. in today's society, this is such a big unspoken topic that everyone is really too afraid to bring too much attention to even though it's been said. the cat is out of the bag, make everyone known to this subject and make it loud and clear. this is what we need to focus on right now. this is SUPER important. mental health is a huge issue that is really never said on the news but many people who use their platforms to talk about this stuff are always pushed aside as if they're speaking about mental health like it's a joke because everything about today's youth is just a BIG joke and that's how we all cope now and that's not really right. other than that, you've made a few spelling mistakes and i thought that stepping off the ledge and jumping were kind of the same thing, but i kind of get the emphasis on it. also i really liked how you repeated a little long and a little harder to really tell people that they need to keep looking because everyone really does have a problem whether they say so or not

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on November 17, 2017
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Auckland, New Zealand

Ive always loved writing but I've never had the confidence to share my work, until one day a friend told me to be an island in a world of continents. they told me to be myself and not worry about what.. more..

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