Rainy Days and Not a Hint of Sunshine

Rainy Days and Not a Hint of Sunshine

A Story by rylesconroy

love, we can cherish it or abuse it

Hailey walked out of her basic cookie cutter house into the cold and drenching rain. She ran so gracefully to red Audi that her parents had just recently bought for her 16th birthday. Slightly shivering she stuck the keys in the ignition and started the car. She cocked her head to the back seat to make sure her backpack was where she left it. Then on her way she was. 

When Hailey arrived to school she caught everyone's eye, as per usual. She had so many freckles that complimented her ivory skin, beautiful hazel eyes that popped, long natural eyelashes that waved at anyone she looked at, eyebrows that everyone wish they had, beautiful long dark brown hair, and a body that someone would die to have. But her smile and laugh are what made everyone pine after her. Perfection, she was the definition. You would think she would be the bitchy, fake, mean type but no, she was nice and friends with everyone.

The only difference was today is that the stares weren't out of amazement or pining it was pitiful stares. For a smile was not upon this perfect person's face but a frown and eyes that were almost as red as a stop sign. You could tell that her gorgeous eyes had been weeping all night and on till morning. 

Hailey had the boy of her dreams up until three nights ago...when he sadly and undoubtedly died of a tragedy. Some say he dug his own grave, and most would agree. Dwight Montello was an overall good guy. Never picked on anyone, good grades, polite, the overall poster boy. But Dwight had a dirty little secret that he somehow managed to hide from his beloved girl Hailey. He was an alcoholic and only in private, even when he attended parties he stayed sober except for maybe a drink or two, but never over the edge. 

Three nights prier to this melancholy Monday, at the Montello house, Dwight and his father had gotten into a fight about his father being a low life, no good, son of a b***h, alcoholic. Dwight stormed out of the apartment with a full bottle whiskey and after he slowly drank that whole bottle of whiskey on a curb he got in his car. He wanted to go see his beautiful girlfriend because she always took the pain away and made him feel safe. 

But between his apartment and her cookie cutter house were train tracks that separated the two parts of town. And it was when he was crossing those forsaken tracks that he met his tragedy. The headlights of the train were the last thins he'd see. 

© 2017 rylesconroy

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Added on October 24, 2017
Last Updated on October 24, 2017



Coopersville, MI

I like poetry and photography. I'm a aspiring writer and I love feedback. I'm only 15 and still learning so I am open to anyone's opinion and suggestions. more..

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