I Can't Escape My Mind

I Can't Escape My Mind

A Story by rylesconroy

what a tragedy...

"Jennifer Leonard, you're wanted in the office." my English teacher said looking up from her desk. I left my stuff where it was and made my way to the office. There was two police officers and the principle standing in the main part of the office, and just like that I became nervous. But I swallowed the lump in my throat and pushed open the big heavy wooden door. 

"I'm Jennifer Leonard." I said to one of the officers, one had a stern face and the other officer seemed calm and my principle had a glum look on his face. 

"Please follow us Ms. Leonard." the nicer looking one responded. We went into a conference room and they asked me to take a seat.

"Do you know Tobias Jenson?" the stern looking one asked me. I froze. 


"Okay. Do you know a girl named Lanie West?"

"Yes." I responded, starting to shake.

"How well do you know both Tobias and Lanie?"

"We're all really close."

"What do you mean you are?" 

"I mean we are."

"Did you know that they both have passed." After he said that it triggered me. My leg stopped shaking I was no longer nervous and it was like I was being pushed away from a spotlight in my own brain. 

"Yep." I said with an evil smirk on my face and my features becoming dark. 

"Do you know what happened to them."

I laughed a dark laugh, "Yep."

"And what happened exactly?" I didn't respond, "Did you kill them?" I just laughed a dark laugh, "Why?"

Rage built up inside me and I felt like I was on fire, "HE WAS MINE NOT HERS! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!"

© 2017 rylesconroy

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Added on October 26, 2017
Last Updated on October 26, 2017



Coopersville, MI

I like poetry and photography. I'm a aspiring writer and I love feedback. I'm only 15 and still learning so I am open to anyone's opinion and suggestions. more..

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