One Manned Band

One Manned Band

A Story by Shayan Kabiri

"How did it come up to this?" He asked himself as his vision was turning dim. he couldn't believe the gun in his hand and the blood emanating on the ground. how did it come up to this?

As the Syrian crisis turned into a full scale war in the middle east, Russian government didn't just sit there and attacked the US army and his was the fourth month of the war, and war made it way clear to Iranian cities.
Streets of Tehran became battlefield for Russian army to prepare themselves for a full scale attack on Ahwaz, which was occupied by US forces raging from Iraq.No one didn't know what would come up next.

meanwhile in Tehran northern areas, I group of militia was formed.named The Caspian Tigers or for abbreviation called TCT. and the man who was asking himself "How did it come up to this?" was the head of militia, called Commander Javan.

Commander Javan : "We can't just wait here, we have to get Russian nuclear launch codes."
Soldier : "But sir it's impossible, it's in the Russian main base in university of Tehran."
-" I don't care where is it,it's our last chance for keeping the Taliban forces out of the province,intelligence says that Al-Asad has been successfully looted an American cavalry in southern Shiraz.he now have accessed to cruise missiles and maybe a tactical nuclear device. and Russians are evacuating the city.we can't just sit here and let the city fall to terrorists.we should deploy a team.we'll get to Russian commanders. some of Russian guards are on our and Yuri Chevchenko will get inside their base and politely ask the Russian commander to help us or we will use the other way.get me the radio communication."
-"From Tiger base to Yuri, we have to get into Russian base. and we need your help on that."
+"Yuri's talking, affirmative, I'll be at base southern gate in 30 minutes."
-"got you."

It was in the middle of winter. as the Commander was passing empty streets of Tehran he frequently asked the question."How did it come up to this?", yet he didn't find the answer.

"Comrade open the gate for Commander and his companions." Yuri said to the guard at the gate.
the whole Russian army was gathering their things from the base. they suddenly changed their mind about staying at Tehran.

Yuri : "Commandant Sakarov, this is Commander Javan of the TCT militia, he wants to have a word with you."
"it's Alright." Commander said.

Commander Javan:" Commandant, as you know the Al-Asad army is rushing toward Tehran province, I want to ask your help to deploy a warfare against their least give us tactical support."
As Sakarov was smoking his cigar carelessly he turned to Commander and told him:"Ah commander,you Iranian always have good intentions,but the good intentions doesn't make someone bad,look good."
-"that's irrelevant commandant."
+"I think it's my job to clarify what is relevant and what isn't."
-"Commandant you are at my territory meanwhile,I recommend you to cooperate."
+"But you are at my base, how can you say that?"
-"Your base is not that yours,many of your men are on our side."
+"nonsense,guards,arrest him."
as the guards didn't listen to him, he was going for his pistol,but Javan draw his Revolver faster than Sakarov would think.
-"commandant, I want the nuclear launch codes."
+"commander you are a so simple, I gave the codes to Al-Asad, earlier."
-"what? nonsense,you couldn't have done that."
"Commander, our troops vanished by a tactical nuclear strike in south of province, we are exposed to Taliban forces." Soldier said desperately.when the commander heard this he couldn't control his hands to pull the trigger
and put a bullet into Sakarov's heart.

How did it come up to this?" He asked himself as his vision was turning dim. he couldn't believe the gun in his hand and the blood emanating on the ground. how did it come up to this? He couldn't believe how they lost everything to a single man's decision that's been made 4 month earlier.

© 2013 Shayan Kabiri

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Added on September 8, 2013
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Shayan Kabiri
Shayan Kabiri

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