Nothing on Us

Nothing on Us

A Poem by Laura Sparkle

There are many love affairs, both tragic and impressive,
There were many broken hearts and many youths were restless...
There was beauty in their love, and tragedy within their souls
But baby, no one had to know about them.
Take Romeo and Juliet, the secret star-crossed lovers,
The universe was set against them, they refused no as an answer,
And although they died together, their love was what impressed us,
The youth between a holy palmer's kiss did die.
Pyramus and Thisbe loved each other too,
And before the dawn, did what lovers do...
They met their end against each other's flesh
And no one knew a love like theirs.
Paolo and Francesca, or so Dante tells us, were lovers too, in secrecy...
They loved together, hid together, and read some poetry.
The two were lovely, and oh so worthy of an afterlife
So they got it, they were united, and died in each other's arms.
Penelope stayed faithful 'till Odysseus returned to her,
108 men she denied, while waiting twenty years...
They lived until they died of age and then they were together,
True love, my dear, lasted their whole life.
Orpheus lost Eurydice two times in a row,
His mournful music won her back but then he looked behind,
She vanished right before his eyes and then was out of sight
But such music that he played moved us and we wept.
Helen loved Paris, so, and Troy fell hard for her...
Such love has moved all history and we have wept for her.
Paris stole her heart and love and stole her from her home,
He paid the highest price for love, he really should have won.
Lancelot and Guinevere loved each other until the very end,
Camelot was torn apart and Arthur was destroyed...
They weren't smart, they didn't plan it well,
But they did love each other oh so much.
So many lovers literature has shared with us,
And history has done the same,
The only flaw of all these couples
Was that they weren't us.
They could all fade beside us, dear, they could wither away!
Love is complicated, dear, and love is far too fragile
But they could do it, and they have...
And all that's left is us!
They were so tragic, we will not be!
I'll watch for you and you may keep me..
Give it some time, and have some faith,
Infatuation is the key...
These flawed couples paid the price and made such perfect stories,
It's wonderful to keep it sweet because love lasts a life time,
I'd love it if they all could speak and teach us a few things.
Give it some time, darling one, and see the world unfold
Because in time, it's evident that this is how love works.

© 2011 Laura Sparkle

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Added on November 13, 2011
Last Updated on November 13, 2011


Laura Sparkle
Laura Sparkle

Anywhere, CA

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