A Poem by Laura Sparkle

Strip the skin from my muscles and my muscles from bone
And expose me, raw as I am, to the sun!
Show me Icarus and let us embrace
Allow me to gaze upon Prometheus' face!
Bring Aphrodite to the foot of my bed
Or substitute her for Apollo instead.
Bring me, nerves exposed, to the edge of the cliff
And tie me to an Albatross wing
So I may take flight, so I may soar
Above the hatred- the inner class war!
Allow me to touch Poseidon's trident
And let my fear to run around rampant,
I need some excitement before I depart
Before I skip out on this miserable part!
Let me meet Thor and swing his hammer
For I may see Loki and go and get hammered.
I wish to meet Cupid and Psyche in the heavens above
And hear for a decade about their passionate love!
I wish to learn more about the experiences of people
And who better to teach than these magnificent figures?
Teach me the secrets of making my mark
Be it through love or by touching the sun,
Make me wise and irresistibly splendid
Because I want to make a lasting impression!
Teach me the secrets of being so pure
And opening my soul to the truth!
Allow me to fly too close to the sun
And fall back in Hercules' arms!
Call Beowulf over to teach me about troth
And ask Michael for a genuine laugh!
Summon Belial to show me his worth
And Lucifer to make my path glow,
Call Raphael over with a fresh breath of air
And save Dante from his trip into Hell!

© 2011 Laura Sparkle

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Added on November 13, 2011
Last Updated on November 13, 2011


Laura Sparkle
Laura Sparkle

Anywhere, CA

Hello. All you ever need to know about me can easily be obtained by asking. So knock yourself and satisfy your curiosity. :) more..

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