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A Poem by The earth (Titan maphaha)

I wrote this crying

See my colour, my shadow
terrifying jokul and hyde two phased monsters?
See your people surrounding me like in Steve Harvey's show?
Like a chalkboard staining me with dusters
Holding stones like I am in Pakistan
Like some  ransom worthy nonsense
Ignorant. With me, black is a title of titans
Like I'm some ritual thing, doesn't make sense
Grabbing me adjacent a cliff
Like I was there for trig
Proving they can take life off a black man
At that moment...
I forgot wasn't South Africa
And hugged a girl in India

"Izaat my foot" I groaned.
A grip terribly grasping my groin
As I howled " I'm a child of Nelson Mandela"
as my voice fade down void drain
I squalled, mourning my pain
I knew that I was still not in Africa

I roared rage like a South African lion
" Before the great flood we were black
Before splitting our voices in a tower touching heaven
we were black
Before metamorphosis of great continents
we were black
before Luther, Malcom and Nelson
we were black
Before the hymns which mould this earth we were black!"

my complexion your retina receive is deceiving your acumen.

© 2017 The earth (Titan maphaha)

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Oh my god, this gave me chills. I'm really speechless, except to say that I'm awestruck by the power and emotion electrifying every line of this. (Applause.)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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The earth (Titan maphaha)

1 Year Ago

nicely written review... thanks Marie
Esha Anand

1 Year Ago

Very well written.. I wish this poem gives people some sense to stop racism. Keep writing.
I like that last line especially. I can definitely see this being done to some chill down beats and rap.

And yes - it is fully believed in the beginning, we were all of one color. I'm not sure what changed that ...

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The earth (Titan maphaha)

1 Year Ago

Thanks hey....

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Added on June 14, 2017
Last Updated on June 14, 2017


The earth (Titan maphaha)
The earth (Titan maphaha)

Joburg, South Africa

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