Chapter TWO:  We choose to do these things....

Chapter TWO: We choose to do these things....

A Chapter by Templatecash

1961 JFK promised Americans on the moon, not only that a special launch of pioneer space explorers began a journey that is without determination .

           Odessey this is mission control. All Crews of U.S.A.F. Iliad, and John Kennedy please stand by,......
Crackle.....beep......Roger Mission control, the go ahead Odessey....our engines are ready go, all lines are cleared.....
you look good at mission control Odessey, you are cleared....respond?  ....THis is Iliad standing by... Go ahead Iliad,systems are check?... Yeah, this is Iliad we're go... on standby..... Mission control to Kennedy do you read me?
....Aye sir, we read ya loud and clear...Kennedy, ready for go.............

          Confirmation to the launchpad crews, They begin to evacuated 60 seconds to Launch. At t-minus 10 seconds the engines roared to life as the last man makes for the bunker chute. T-minus 3...2...1.. Thrusters 1 and 2 came to life with a thunderous roar. Gastly plumes of billowing smoke errupted into the atmosphere. The whole earth shook around us for a mile, what a spectacular release of energy was displayed. Everone in sight of the launch was awestruck with amazement.  But nothing  Inside the cabins of these three prototype shuttles destined for the outer atmoshere was going move a muscle,  the extraordinary crews of THe Odessey, THe Iliad, and the John Kennedy, were frozen in what could be described petrifying fear. How Nine brave men strapped to such an incredible amount of Hydrogen and Oxygen, under such incredible pressure blasted off, aboard those shuttles , 
 Amazed Everyone, it was virtual suicide.Never been done before. The U.S. was going to build a space station, and no one was the wiser.

             Truly remarkable... They were Lifting off !...From a distance across the dessert the  powerful tremors were felt. accompanied by the terrible roar people could see white smoke shooting into the sky. Some even took notice. Nobody knew what a momentous accolades their nation would have to add, in fear that a cold war would turn hot. Everything was top secret.Anything on the subject of  Space travel was highly classified. Except for the Apollo missions, they was the smokescreen for a inquisitive America viewing public audience. So any launch weather it was a missile, satelite rocket or space shuttle intended to travel through space went over the transmission lines, as test launches and weather balloons. So a story had to be written and produced over the news stations. Harmless disinformation intended to keep some things of National interests a secret.       

            Headquarters for disinformation have many names they go by, and many places for itself In order to accomplish their missions. Hidden in the plain sight  many major cities boast of their prestige, Home of  The Post, The Heralds, Even the The Times, But isn't that a joke, Nope! .Even as we speak, tycoons are squandering the press for large government contracts, and hush money,or campagne buy outs, in order to keep their stations visible. National Broadcasting, Public Broadcasting, and the  Independent Broadcaster stations, like ours, are virtually all owned by all the big newspapers. And   These big media corporation type monopolies,They are, the mainstream source of all public information...With a strong journalistic record of providing the public with a press they can trust. Will Continue to hold all the keys, to all the cities.

          But in reality that is the opposite. The information revealed to journalists is so convelluted that its often misinterpreted by disinformation, but wait, it's better than that....  A  cipher embed into the whole system itself.... I don't imagine any of this makes sense to the ordinary people.... Say, If I'd like to inform a certain demographic a special sort of thing. Nothing specific maybe a simple gesture,informing the viewer to respond, and this is how it' done,  the gesture performed will trigger a response from our viewer, and usually with out anyone knowing it....How can this be done?, you may ask. It's nothing difficult when all the proper utilities are in order. The transmission of electrical power, and some fancy broadcasting equipment, And the staff of a State run Television  Broadcasting station.

          Ghram, Cynthis, THomans, Jake and Aaron. Are that staff at WTZA channel 62 Located Kingston NY, 90 miles upstate from New York City, Their broadcast station had been in operation for a number  of years first in radio, then after the war, made it into broadcasting television, and was reputable and reliable as Local news coverage for most of the Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess Counties. Ghram, Cynthis, Thomas, Jake and Aaron each underwent the same interview process. Polygraph, C.I.T. scans Ultra M-wave analysis, A very thorough scan, seeking out every neuron triggered for response. After the Medical departments supporting dispositions referred to the D.O.J. for second analysis and background check, on the friends and family. Then... applicants are considered by the news corporation. 

           Ghram, Cynthia, Thomas, Jake and Aaron Were qualified and trustworthy. Upheld by the Scrutiny of Public and private sectors, journalism, integrity, and the prestigious image of serious coverage encapsulated by a staff beyond reproach. That is why we trust them. After all who else can we trust if not our local newscasters. The're all we have. 

          This is unless of course, Some sneaky someone within the station itself has tampered with the bueracratic process, but, this naturally is highly unlikely given the industries standards and production management. A critical message of total transparency is given through out the stations. There for there is nothing that can be kept hidden from the media, unless its withheld on purpose, not even within your own mind.....  hidden from us is the mystery, but before us the mystery can be revealed. To those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Once all of this surrounds us, what can we see?  Ourselves, if not all in this together.
          One  evening, November 5, 1962 WTZA channel 62, Newscasters Cynthia and Thomas,
announced on the 7:00 pm news that the test launches of 3 Saturn five rockets had been scheaduled and that The National Air and Space Association  in co-operation with The U.S. Air force lead these scheaduled launches earlier today At 1:00 pm E.S.T. or 10:00 AM P.S.T. Test preformed on bases in New Mexico and Nevada were successfully undertaken. Scientist enthusiastic with Progress are looking forward to the prospect of Americans landing on the moon within the decade, And emphisized The challenges being met by the long term project to win in the national space program...

            At some point when realized, there is no reality that anyone truly exists, that an individual can rarely trust their own. 

            Crackle...Beep...Odessey... this is mission control whats your status?...
             ......Mission Control we are stationary orbit, three times...prepared to radio silence all transmission in 3...2...1...out.. ...... ..... Good Night Odessey.....mission control out...../static/....


         The mans eyes opened, he was dreaming and needed a moment to adjust to reality. He felt in his chest that something was frightfully different. The voices in his head began to speak, with a hiss. " Captain Downey, you awake up there?"with a whissper and a hussh.  The man murmured a little... " Captain Downey, Sir. are you awake?" This time the voice came in like an command, immediately the man began to recollect his memory" he said "Yes, this is the captain speaking,...I am awake!"
a moment passed before the voice responded, " We got a spike in your vitals and found concern enough to disturb you captain, mission control wanted to check in on you." The captain rummaged around in his head, his rediscovery of things still came to a surprise, " I was dreaming... in space?" the captain interrupted

      Some silence passed and the voice resumed " Wow. yeah, captain I guess you were,  What about?" the voice asked. Lt knight, sat at the com in near darkness speaking into the headset. Extremely young looking in the face, with no sign of facial growth anywhere. The voice of Captain Manson Downey was heard echoing off the walls. "What time is it?" the captain asked.  Lt knight looked up to the clocks mounted on the wall and replied " What time zone sir,?" The captain giggled and sassed " Your'e serious. oh i dunno eastern, that's where my wive lives, " Knight replies it's 9 pm sir" with a smile.

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