Its not in the Pill

Its not in the Pill

A Chapter by Templatecash

Imagine genius in every degree. Painting by Christa Judge.

    Eons ago mankind sought wisdom enough for one king. Wizards, rulers of all kind, lessons in the supernatural, that is worthy of admiration or submission. Today we seek to make kings of us all.

    Rebellion: Man cannot rule himself. Some members have no choice, but are assured. that association with larger groups and more Organizing bodies such as Militants , Criminal elements,  combined with the financial aspects of the population are better self searving rather that independant ideologies that might conflict. No connection to society and its populations pockets. We are forced to rule among on another in order to survive, any means necessary to sustain a population. Within the non content of a group forms the pockets of resistance. If numerous enough to threaten social foundation, becomes intimidation.

   The best steps are the police of the new social Earth, And their crystal palaces and their space ships. The authorized menace so profound, performing executions as way to minimze the presense of rebellion. A full range of futuristic life as a result of What I call. The perfect Method.

    Theirs is the world of the bigger picture, a perfect method to maximise expression. A method by wich classes of individuals whom are born with are fated in their direction. To form with in us, accelorated by education and science. Provided with the means to acheive the gift of self expression. through all aspects or discipline.
    It would take something in describing the effects of experience, But with so many on-line videos that have culminated experience, forth to produce and present back to me. I am the the observer. Should any observer only now participate, I wonder if the chances the observation will be much help, at least in any practicle way. Other than experience of life itself, good fortune is second nature to most of us, in the free world!

     To observe the good fortune in ones independant un-distracted viewing, in favor of actual participation. Some of us become good observers. But sooner or later, this form of observation/participation,  effects become  unmistakable. These experiments and their findings make up a cultural core for observers populations. That only now are made aware of their effect and the judgment of the overall design. (setting and situations) of behaved observation learns judgment and restraint, the alternation of this is a badly behaved observer. These movements are how the observers interfere with perspective.

    Logorythim searching and memory cache' increase frequencies of material subject viewing, instigating a favorable position in increase production of a particular viewing products. The more people observe the subject matter the more the subject matter will evolve.  

     There has been a collective movement for some years that I at once hit upon from the start. It is largely an unconscious, and is under-marginalized by individuals of all groups and populations that are experiencing the phenominal momentum of the information age.
 it was forseen by all the great academic minds of the previous 2 and half  centuries.

    Since the writings of heretics like Pochernicus  and Galalie, and worked in to  the skeptic minds of the church, through the reformation of Lutherism and protestism. I was The reinissance of italy, till mankind collectively began to interperate his own will, as gods gift to man, and not unto the service of Kings, or the Religious leaders.  Spawning dramatic increases to sympathetic Ruling classes throughout Europe.

   Alas that is only a starting point for my speculation. Infinitum agras, ( History previews a far older and more thorough story, that kind of entitlement requires a much broader investigation.) That is part of the work being done here.




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