Chapter Seven: The call

Chapter Seven: The call

A Chapter by Templatecash

Terrence peach, local animal control officer arrives to the event.


     Terrence arrived to the event in about fifteen minutes. Quickly turning to pull up the driveway. Putting the Officials truck into park, and turning the key in the off position. Terrence unlatched his seat belt, yanked on the door handle and stepped out of the truck. His feet hit the ground, one leg after the other. He closed the truck door and made his way up the driveway, the crunching sound of gravel made with each step Terrance took.

    He seemed to notice the sense of absolute serenity accompanied this place.One of the first things acknowledged was how the air was cool with a moistness throughout the yard. The sound of moving water came to his attention as he approached the wooden staircase, preceding the screen door.

    Terrence pushed open the screen, it made a sound like a whistle as he stepped forward tp the front door. Then he paused, to listen for a moment before he rapped hard with his knuckles to announce his arrival. Maybe Terrence was listening to the sounds that he heard around the yard. Birds, sang beautifully. A cocophony of muses many different kinds. A vibrant echoe of insect sounds mixed with what could only be bullfrogs mingling not far from where he stood.

  Terrence broke a thought to bang on the door once again, another 5 or 6 times. Then a shout came from the other side 

   "wait a minute, I'm coming!" 

  Terrence stepped back and assumed a possible police posture. The door pulled open with a little jam, It was then ajar. " Come on in " The voice commanded baiding Terrence to enter. Terrence quickly grabbed the mic and radioed back to dispatch his location, then stepped forward with out missing the beat.

    Inside, he was greated by Animals. Dogs, Cats even some  birds flew by his head. Terrence leaned down to pet the dogs head. Who where racing around his fee . " Get down all of you "   an old face shouted from the other end of the hall. Almost immediately the pets obeyed the directive, scurried in a  frantic melody of paws with long claws.

   Terrence stepped into the front room, courtiouslyn and the old man gestured to come closer to introduce himself. "hello " Terrence announced courdially gesturing to himself with one hand reaching out with the other to shake the old mans hand. The old man sat up to great him, quite tenderly and then slouched back into his recliner. 
" Im here, because of a call, to the station." Terrence then waited for the response, the old man just shrugged and said. 

   "yes, yes It nice to meet you, Terrence."  Terrence a little shocked replied "Thankyou," and the inquired " As to what do I owe the honor of this official visit"

   "of course"  The old man said " YOu would like to know what I summoned you here for," another moment passed with a fresh breeze rushing in from the open window behind the old man.

   " I believe there are some kind of animals behind my shed there" pointing to the rear of the property a few yards distance away. " I'm terribly frightened there may be some injury or perhaps a rabbid fox." his eyes seemed grim " I'm sure its a predator of sorts and violent," the man sipped on some of his refreshment, then offered some to Terrence, but Terrence declined with a thank you, making that gesture with his hand that he had enough refreshments, the truth is Terrence was actually very thirsty, yet composure to him was like a vanity. so he would suffice without the drink.

 "  Unfortunately nobody wants to help remove them, only thoughts to shoot whatever it is."  Terrence listened carefully to the old man as he continued. " But I want to do the humane thing" Then the old eyes brightened up a bit the man said " That's why you are here, Terrence. "  Chuckling a little " To do something humane" Then the man took another drink from his refreshment.  "  are you sure you can't be bothered " referring to Terrence the offer for a glass of lemo-naid still stands 

   This time Terrence would accept the glass with a " please, yes , and Thankyou"


    Some time had passed as the old man and Terrence spoke, he old man had some  sort It would appear that that the old man knew a bit more about Terrence than had been originally expected. To Terrence's surprise of course and could not help but ask the old man after nearly 20 minutes of talking. 

   "I'm affriad I've been entirely rude sir, I havn't properly conducted myself here today. I havn't even taken down your name for the report!"

   The old man excused Terrence for his unprofessionalism with a wave and stated. " Terrence when you are as old as I am You generally don't give much respect to names. Names are for the young and ignorant." After another sip from the lemon-aid he then revieled " My name is Alexander, Alexander Cavendish."

   Wonderful name Terrence thought to himself, and thinking quite well to compliment Alexander on the lemon-aid. " This is really a wonderful glass of lemon-aid is this fresh squeeze" Terrence asked " Naturally,"  Alexander replied.

   After some more time the two finished their glasses, Terrence's radio cued in " Dispatch one to Animal Control unit one whats you 20?" Alexanders eyes widened with excitement, Terrence quickly responded answering " Dispatch this is unit one, I'm still conducting the interview at the residence, over"

    Terrence then said as he sprang up from his seat. " Alex I'd love to continue more, but there is the fact of those critters you called about. I should really get on that."
Alexander, made a no problem gesture with his hand and stated " Terrence you have some work to be done, of course I'll leave you to do it." and with that. Terrence went into action. Confirming the location and asked one last time. "That shed out there is where the incident is taking place, correct?"

    Alex quickly responded with all the gitty of a junior G-man. "Right there i'm sure of it, but be really careful Terrence, That old shed is really unsafe. I don't go init any more myself and would hate for you to be injured by anything in there." Terrence assured Alex " I'll Be cautious, and only be a few minutes to inspect the situation, so there shouldn't be any worry."

    Heading out back in the direction of the dilapidated shed at the end of the lawn. There was the structure at the end of the manicured lawn seemingly out of place. Terrence made his way to the front of the building searching for the enterence. Once inside began to poke around with his flashlight in search of wild-life. Inside there was an old jeep, remnant from korea  Terrence assumen, covered in dust. Some cans on the shelfs and the unmistakable smell of mildewed wood aged and rotting. Spidery webs earily hung from every rafter and post.

    Jeesh! Terrence thought to himself, Alex wasn't kidding I wonder when the last time anyone had been back here. After quick inspection signs of wildlife where clear. Piles of carcass and bones fur and animal dropping littered the corner furthest from the enterence. Spotting them easily with his flashlight. Terrence covered his mouth and nose. and closed in for a better look.


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