Disbelief will lead you astray.

Disbelief will lead you astray.

A Chapter by Templatecash

                  I had to bring to them imaginary things, that pleased them, to touch a spirit that

                is certained to dwell within all of us. To touch, upon holiness. We would eat less,

                speak of the profound, Grow faster greater artist of thy crafts.  The foul and 

                loathsome stayed from us. The mighty unrighteous who fled from us. And yet, 

                 However, Empires are not men, and do not fault, none but us.

                   Humble, who we, that wished to overcome our disabilities, I to had shared. Yet,

                desire, overtook the spirit of wellness. They companions, disciples and partners 

                 alike, Began to plot away by the minutes, taking for granted that I had profited 

                them. To steal through deceptive means. Both wisdom and wisdom and resource

                I alone aquired.

                   It is this to experience hostility... To possess the weapon of deceit, for, I too 

                 wielded such switch, that cut off living things from the teets of their nurishment.

                  Therefore, a timeline firmly ordained should be set against them. And them 

                 against themselves. For they must know, what it is to know. To thresh against one

                  another for the sake of materialism and its ends. To know the true source of

                 what I had really done.

                  That they devoured one another! flesh eaters are their souls. Yet save me, I 

                 would not be fed upon. As the Empire and their Malitia, took vengence upon 

                 the scores of their fledging numbers, none would be saved. Not but I (praise

                 God) he is the highest... Their fate was this ... Slaves can never know of the

                 everlasting. for, their master is not themselves... but God,All mighty.

                    It is He, the highest, who choose that you know life... or know death. That 

                  is why they were lost, for, I possess rod and staff... In the minds eye, there is 

                  the light, I see it. The light also sees you, and your light can see mine, but, It

                  is God, All mighty on high, who owns the light and views us all. Therefor, none 

                  can see lest the, All knowing God, the highest, wills...

                    I possess an ear to hear. This to is the light, as you also possess this light,

                  Best, you hear what God, the highest, wills you hear and are aware, guides 

                  your eyes before you, God, All compassionate, for if all you see is evil and 
                   Reprobate. It be God, All mighty, and his will that you only know things of

                  the Earthly domain, least of all God, All giving, pleasure.

                     The frightful and dark, the unclean and wreched, are but, of all God, 

                   The creator's, extremes. That I may share a portion of his good and his

                    All mighty, will alone. For, when thine angels spake unto thee, in thy 

                    Mother's, womb. Do you remember, what it was they said, I believe you

                    might... This is why you and I may see... or don't see... It will not be for

                   us to know what truth or what of order comes. But, to remain fast in 

                   our righteousness. Quick to shatter evil, strong and obedient to God,All

                    highest, and his will. To share the light, All the light. Forget not your

                    books, scriptures or guides.






© 2014 Templatecash

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Added on January 8, 2014
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