A Promise to be fulfilled.

A Promise to be fulfilled.

A Chapter by Templatecash

              In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful. O' that he wills,

            and this is, so done.I am, his servant Ishmael, and by God, All mighty 

            alone am  charged, to proclaim this. For I, will, to assemble a fearing 

            people, whom call to their prayers. For, where and for, comes the 

            Mahdi, (peace be upon he) To precede, the glorious second coming.

            Of Christ (peace be upon him), for he to judge Humankind. 

            Allah Ya' Hoowa, (subhanna wata ayla)

              God, All wise, wills this, as it is written, It shall be done. To seek out

            those whom wish, should lead, lives as vice generates, protectors of 

             the faithful, in order we prepare, against a multitude of faithless and

            fainthearted, immoral subject clinging to their earthly disobedience.

            With me, to gather they, his people of the Books, Believers in the One 

            true God, All high. of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses and His Holiest,

             The Prophet Muhammed, (peace be upon them). This to establish, for

            this time and this place on this earth, God, All knowing, A promise 


               If this be the will of God, All powerful, I believe it so, For, revealed

             to all who see are signs and wisdom that cannot come but from his,

              All Glorious, Lord God, most merciful. The Holy One, And that he 

             knows all I do. God, the compellor, of all things sees my heart, He 

             shields me from disbelief. For, these words that I employ are. A clue

             unto the World of mystery. That a time to reveal some of that which

             has been obscured, is surely come.

               That, I swear to attest my faith, to the One, true, God, All Glorious

             in heaven, His messenger's and their clear signs are before, not only

             me. To proclaim with conciousness as sure the thought comes to my 

             head, This  spirit  is  with me, for, to  join  others to a  truth. Of our 

              Creator God, On high, My only fear, I am unworthy of such a fateful


               However, that stated, God, All giving of his abundance shows grace

             in all that comes before me, for, he alone creates and choose, guides

             and misleads. That he is the best of planners. So may I properly praise,

             and Glorify him. That I might please him, God ,the magnificent, that I

             fulfill this purpose, though, I shall not know of his plan, Yet, to live in

              contentment with that he, has set aside for me. And confident the 

             will of God, the Infinite, is being done, through all I do.

               God, The highest, sees everything, whom is neither Male or Female,

             He, begat none nor, is he begotten. And in fact, the exalted, all

              excellent, has informed us, his creation. Throughout scripture and 

             revelation, of his Honorable Prophets (peace be upon them) Whom had

             delivered upon Humankind through out all nations, What we may claim 

              to know, is all wrong. Humankind is incapable of comprehending God,

             the first the last the eternal. All we can do, is grasp for, are his devine

             attributes, And hold fast to the inspiration of our most gracious of

              benefactors. God, All Mighty, and not humankind.

               Seek refuge Only in God,All Mighty, for, it is he who is responsible

             for all the exists, seen or unseen. That God, The Reconer, is the only

             praiseworthy concept, to be mentioned. Always, in the name of God,

              The Trustworthy, for if, it is not mentioned, In the name of God, it is

             not with purpose, and should not be trusted. 


© 2014 Templatecash

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