Enoch (peace be upon him)

Enoch (peace be upon him)

A Chapter by Templatecash

             " Blessed, are thee who live and die in righteousness, "  The book of

             Enoch is an Historically, obscured documentation of the far, Ancient

              existence of Monotheism. The messaged only echoed by the bible,

             verse provided in the so called revelations of John, Yet, the name of

              Enoch is confirmed in the Qu'ran,  known as Idris, Prophet of God,

             All Aware, referred in the Sura, Al Alaq, First of the miracle words 

              Given to the Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him) " Read! in the

             name of your God, The One, that you may know what you know not."

              For, Enoch, was given by God, All Mighty all Beneficent, the skill of 

             the written word, and the charging of Urial, to explain all that was 

              Wonder upon the Earth. This was a message transmitted through time.

             Given to Humankind, by God, All Knowing and wise, that confirms, not 

              only the truth of the One, God, The Holy One, but his Angels, Jinnie, 

             and the misguidance man is repeatedly subject by the dispised of God,

              All mighty, his rebellious among creation.  

               The Prophet Enoch, (peace be upon him) whom was the Grandfather 

             Of Noah, (peace be upon him) Had, described the world of predeluvian 

             Earth. As well the Message of the One True God, All High, of all the ages

             In order to warn mankind of the times before them, in both the near 

             also a remote future, still to come. That the world and it's inhabitants

             were to suffer, taken by such a host of calamities. Enoch, also would go

             on to describe, the conditions of Earth, and those dwelling upon it, in

              all the heavens, lands and sea. That were to be taken by a catastrophic

             Flood! Save, those by the will of God, All Mighty, God, Of the Ages.

              Enoch, (peace be upon him) Described to humankind, The head of days,

            another, remote time in a distant future, called the Age, When judgement

            would take place on the earth, The Son of man, whom walked near to the 

            Head of heads, The One True God, All High, would be charged this as the 

            final act to be preformed confirming The One True God, All High, that 

            the Son of man, would then rule upon the earth for an appointed time,

            than God, All Mighty, would finally destroy this Earth, still only his word

             would remained. For this Earth and these heavens are to pass.

              The Book of Enoch, (peace be upon him) for which attribute much of 

           Biblical wisdom that is accustomed to being unique to the Christian and

           Catholic doctrine,  This can be confirmed, mishandling over the millenia

           in order to mislead humankind is apparent, this too has a purpose.

              Yet, the one striking similarity worthy of special attention, is to be

           made, in regards to Prayer, the specific act of Prostration to the, 

            One True God, All high,. This practice was conducted by all those of

           God, All Worthy of Worship, his Prophethood, Abraham, Moses, Jesus

            and his final Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon them) Their lineage

           is also a confirmed truth, their's is and unbroken chain, the line of 

            Prophets, know to us today. This practice is continued in increasing

          numbers by the faithful fallowing of Islam, The Muslims still prostrate to 

          the house of Abraham and Ishmael, builders of God's first House of his

           worshipful, The Kabba, of Mekka, in the Kingdom of Suadi,  Arabia.

           Allah Hoo Akbar, (subhanna wa ta ayla)

             The Islamic Religion, may it prosper forever, has been a closely 

          protected tradition, For the Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him)

          provided for all humankind the best of, examples as to how to behave,

          and how to properly worship our, God, All Merciful and Forgiving, and

          in his revelation, The Qu'ran is the promise, of God, Most Beneficent,

          himself, that no hand of man will tamper with. God, All High,he is great!

            The book of Enoch, (peace be upon him) has, the richest history of

          all the Apocraphic texts, Save one, the Qu'ran. That had been revealed.

          Their message are undoubtable, similar, Their connection to the Oldest

          Ancient, history is revealed, preserve the sunnah, of the Prophet,(peace

           be upon him)

            This to me, Dear God, All Wisest, Guide my path as well, is the Mercy 

         and the comfort of guidance spoken of by Jesus, (peace be upon him) and 

         in his prophecy Mohammed, (peace be upon him) is clearly the one, whom

         he spoke of after him, would come to comfort all the nations of humanity.

         This is nothing short of the Miracle, contemporary seekers of faith there is

         guidance, The One True Religion, Al Islamic Monotheism. APOCALYPSE, as 

          as to what history has failed to describe, for a purpose. The confirmation

         has taken place! Oh God, Most Illustrious Most Omnipotent Most Merciful,

          I seek refuge in you, lead us not astray, The Prophet,(peace be upon him)

         Had predicted, The Qu'ran and his Sunna, will be the guidance of a future

          remote to come, A distinct prediction of a remote generation in another 

         age, yet to come. The appears to be the connection, You, God,All Mighty,

          Hath guided me to the Qu'ran and the Prophet, (peace be upon him) and

         The Prophet,(peace be upon him) and his Qu'ran, Hath guided me still to

          ENOCH, (peace be upon him)

          All praise id due to God, Master of the Worlds, I seek his guidance and his

       refuge, from the evil of this world, Only God, All Knowing, is able to know 

       for, sure. But further exploration must take place, for I spoke of wonder...

        God, All Glorious, Is all Wonderous.

        Important as this, For, I believe, is part of a greater thing, The Confirmation.

       The Prophet Mohammed,(peace be upon him) spoke of, I am aware he  had

        predicted that the Qu'ran would confirm the truth in the other books, Torah

       Engil, the Apocraphia, and others as devinely inspired. For they have been all

        tampered and mistranslated to the multitudes, But, Save the Qu'ran. God, Is


         Qu'ran, is older than any Bible, for it is a complete, unbroken text. For over 

       over 1400 years. The Bibledid not exist in entirety untill, the Gugenhiem press

        made printing possible. Qu'ran was already long before one complete book.

       Qu'ran is our guidance, sunnah, will give us practice and contimplation, in all

        Prayer, and aspects of the way one should behave, Qu'ran will show what 

       paths we can lawfully, fallow.

         All praise to God, The Highest, for, when this time comes, that all Prophets,

       (peace be upon them) are to be accepted, And their astonishing connection

        having repeated the same messege unto humankind of all the nations. It will

       be re-introduced that a far older and mysterious origin exists, Not beginning,

        with our understanding of anything.

         There is no God, but God and Mohammed is hid messenger. Throughout the

       message are clear signs and the evidence, for, those whom wish to see. The

        Qu'ran and Sunna, prove Islams authenticity and are the only manner of, 

       which worship is accepted that has existed from the begining. For, Sure that

       Humankind will adopt the intellect to disregard any previously misleading 

        knowledge. All praise to God, Most Giving, to His Creation.

        To protect Prayer and to extol our gladness to the one true, surviving faith

       To God, The Highest, Allah ,(subhanna wata ayla). To honor the Glorious, One

        provider. To heap faith upon the congregation of his earthly dominion, The

       testament of everything, for God, All Mighty, for our sake, that he restore

       balance, and secure lines of faith. That we not fear the unknown. That is 

        The Comfort, that cometh. God, Is Great! That grace over our minds, soul

       and bodies prove, to be the great reward, for, obedience. For, to strive

        Ish'Ma'El,, to receive sayeth, God, The Eternal Sustainer, to all whom will

         it so, That all the works under this sun, God, The Keeper, who holds

        dominion over all, May the Everpresent not forsake us, May we not forsake 

         ourselves, of Him.


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