A Chapter by Templatecash

              This is the work of and life of, His servant Ishmael, whose very identity

            intends to stylize, a modern spiritual guidance, toward God,The highest

            Since birth, that led to awakening, to form, to revert to Islam. Seeking to

            connect, a modern understanding throughout an Islamic world view, up 

            the ranks to an obvious renewal. Revelations, drawing upon the wisdom of

            the Prophets, their histories, their books, their precious lives, and their,

            successions, finally, God The Highest, his holiest to us Muslims, The final,

            Messenger, The Prophet Mohammed, (peace be upon him).  The sacred

            knowledge assumed then to written down, for, the whole of the people 

            might read, because it is good and true.

              There is no God, but God, and Mohammed is his messenger, seal of the 

           Prophets, All praise is due to God, The Highest, I am his servant Ishmael,

           I whom seek refuge and guidance only from God,Glorious the Highest.

                                              When I think of One,
                                              I'm clearly under Him,

                                          Influenced, higher than all,

                                                     That exists.

                                           And Yet, when one of us

                                           The Apex of his creation,

                                           within us seek to abuse 

                                                    or do harm...

                                           One, is He, And certainly,

                                            Is all aware of all you do.

                                         So enjoy, freely, the wisdom,

                                            We are granted in peace,

                                              To live out our days, 

                                        Die, not but in His, submission.

                 I had not been awaken, to the unseen, On the day of my shahadda,

              (the attestment, to faith) In fact, I have dwelt quite peacefully, like on

               orphan, guided by god, The most compassionate, since the day of my 

              birth. My heart did not burden, me. Society burdened me, It burdens 

               me still.  Ah, but God, Merciful, he works in mysterious ways. "to raise

              up from among, your people." Is a selection from various versus within,

               and throughout the Qu'ran. That I would interperate with a sense of 

              enlightenment, that,  any and many of us, believing souls, would occur.

              For to make claims of scripture, all scriptures are passionate, that is 

               rooted in all who believe. We seek from our earliest years, the truth

              and most profitable of knowledge, of the ages, that has long been so

               forgotten This too, has been, for a purpose. Wisdom replaced with a

              mundane information, Thoughtfulness exchanged for, entertainment,

              Gladness for, seduction and fleeting desire.

                 I intend to provide these challenges and learning. This is a beautiful 

             story of humankind an their collective journey. It is a great experiment.

             That is truly, only the beginning of going ons, for God, The All Knowing,

             and his ultimate design for us, this we may never know, but, still to,

            return the truth to our days, that has all been but totally forgotten.

                           For, indignant and Calcitrant people, hurry fast.

                                    cursing mad words from their lips.

                                   The Process, involving such Energy.

                              It is as the Heart is before an Open Flame.

                              This Rage, wears on Until Reduced to Ash,

                                  For, the Sweat has left to Body dry.

                               and Heat, leaves to Cool, what Remains,

                                 is Vitriol, and Corrosive to the flesh!




© 2014 Templatecash

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