A Poem by Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX


i am spirit poured n2 the mold of a solid form
an wn i form these word condors, with the Wing an the Horn contours
they manifest an form n2 spiritual spirits form, for carbon based forms
i speak to the spirit
the spirit speaks back
then i speak em to u...
lissen an feel my spirits az they enter u
Word Life... 
wordz hav a life of there own
therez a TRINITY in every word!!!
so tread carefully wn u speak ur wordz
the cycle of life is recycled
thru the intervals of my verbal cycles
an i cycle thru cycles so much
i can b a Tour de France cyclist
follow me, come follow 
az i cycle thru the hills of this
life is about the process not the result
bcuz the only thing i got control of
iz the process not the result
carbon date my second birth to ' 74
my 1st birth
iz wn i go back
back n2 the essence
i await the future of my 1st birth
leave this veiny vain vessel
so once again i'll be light
livin light; weightless
so while im here...
im here 2 scribe my essence
like the pages of "Essence"
so curious George feel my essence...
dont monkey around
rest n this moment an realize
ur very presence iz a present
so unwrap life an enjoy u
moderation weighs on the same scale with balance
so i attempt to Dominique Dawes balance em both
put on ur riot gear an...
keep the taut un-taught onslaught of rioting riots of thawtz @ bay
that want 2 keep u away
from ur lovin heart, ur righteous mind
these rights are urz not just mine
they've bn preordained an we retain em in every part
thatz why "Lady" wn i hold ur hand i know i can feel ur heart
the soul iz attached to the body an
ur consciousness comprises the faculty's of the spirit
thatz mind in spirit 
if ur dread filled dreadfull mind fields more land mines
an u begin 2 feel ur thawtz spaz an spazim, "TEAR GAS EM"
take a moment an go n2 the quite
b bumble bee humble
humble urselves, take a asylum in humbleness
4 the creator teaches humbleness
so i willfully humble this flesh
now...feel urselves leave the bedlam of the worldliness asylum
there's peace an clarity in the silence
dnt find urself in a fight club, fightn urself
go n2 ur “Tyler Durden” cave
just dnt lose ur way
LET GOoo...of that anger an pain
4 it will eat u or continue 2 poison u
feel Luv wit no emotional violence
get ur foot off the neck of her SELF-ESTEEM
an U... wit the BRICK!!
dont shatter his DREAMS
we ride thru life in teams
so better your team
to better facilitate ur dreams
define ur definitive purpose
we all hav purpose
define u
an let that define u 4 u
an i guarantee
@ the climax of the process
u'll find u...


as i move forward thru life

im blessed to speak the words of my life

az WORD LiFe


may these words

bring somebody back 2 life









4 fingers an a pen poetree

© 2009 Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

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Wow i like how a subject like this can be brought to us so hard.
I luv how u describe our words as not only physical but spiritual it
effects us and the people we say them to....or about. Knowing or
finding out that u can use your words to tear down a person so bad
that they feel worthless is a powerful tool a tool that is used all the time,
but recognizing that using our words that way only brings desctruction an
stopping ourselves makes us masters of the real word...we can speak life or death
i liked this Herb very nice. Very.......scrumptious.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 18, 2009
Last Updated on February 24, 2009



Chicago, IL, Belize

luv livin life through all its adventures an strife more..