Concrete Beef

Concrete Beef

A Poem by Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX


Gold laced skylines tossed with
White cotton tapestries swarming
Across a concrete island.

translucent carpet walkways
Stretched across hill cracked
this is my utopia.
stand still, quiet myself an feel her heart
at night when the temperature lowers
i can feel her breathe
welcome to the city where
even Windy likes to push ya

Deprived of fluid nature,
Cold and unyielding
Mans utopic island
auctioned to many
falsely sold to some
for one of the highest
tax sums
who can take the weight
bite into your peach, taste your plum
offer crumbs do they
to cover foreclosed conclusions of forclosure
to build buildings that profit a-milly
steady pushin you out of the city
protected by suitors of suited men
who long lost
the gentleness of them
due to the parlor tricks; polotics of them
stacked on the greed of them
hold they the key to the city
wielding sworded pens.
you may know them as...
as tourist talk
Ghostly innocence walks where young
Legends are drawn,
While families are torn from
Clouded minds with leaf powdered lips.
Todays paper soldier’s, warring
Over the days street exchange.

Villages of young philosophical infantries,
Living in infamy.
Coming back to the concrete
Like a Phoenix scorned.
Madd Cow diseased.
Summertime were the streets heat reaches kelvin
cold hearts
go-go- gadget into hot heads
kittens turn tiger
now..tiger wants to maul
feasting solely on souls who soles
meet the gritty cold concrete
developing a taste for blood
animalistic cannibalistic
just another under emphasized statistic
candles hold vigils to visualize
cards an flowers say goodbyes

Watch the swarm of bees pimp there
Pollen in those virgin flower walls
And make them bloom before noon.

Evolution carried high on the wings of

Can the seeds of new escape
Their own predestine fate?

Concrete Beef
and that s**t is hard to swallow.
4 fingers an a pen poetree...

© 2017 Tha Wind AKA VERBAL OX

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Added on April 8, 2009
Last Updated on October 28, 2017



Chicago, IL, Belize

luv livin life through all its adventures an strife more..