Amorette [Lyvia's POV]

Amorette [Lyvia's POV]

A Chapter by Kayla Amaro

I had to thank him after what he had done at the hospital. That man was already dead inside. Sephtis did what needed to be done. 

One of my favorite things about Earth is the sunsets. I love watching them by the shore. The sky is swirling shades of pink, orange, and gold. I'll bury my feet in the sand, feeling each grain tickle between my toes. The waves will pull the tide in and hold it close. The wind will swim through my hair and gently lift the hem of my dress. 

Was there any sight more beautiful than this?

Amorette, the representative of love would meet me there, and watch the sunset with me. Then, when night claimed the skies, we would begin our work on humans through it's heat and chill. One night, I was interrupted by that unfortunately familiar feeling again. Amorette could tell by my expression. 

"This isn't healthy for you," she advised carefully, "watching the things you've brought to life die..." 

I glanced at her, digesting her suggestion. 

"You don't see me watching the people I bring together fall apart..." she finished. 

And I knew she was right. 

"Does the pain ever stop?" I asked her. 

She looked at me knowingly, her gaze laced with sympathy.

"No. It never does. Especially not for you." 

We glided out of the house and began walking to the next. The full moon shone almost as a stage light over a familiar grassy valley. I giggled and grabbed Amorette's hand, running for the hills. 

"Lyvia? C'mon, we should be working..." she said nervously, probably scared that I had lost it. 

My smiled widened.

"Come on Amorette! You have to see this!"

We rushed up a hill and I let go of her hand. I closed my eyes and I raced through the soft grass, small green lights rising up and tracing my path. Amorette laughed at the scene. Soon she was following me, racing up, down, and across the valley with her arms held out like wings until thousands of fireflies were in the air, performing a light show. We ran into each other and tumbled down the hill, squealing with delight. 

We reached the bottom, a mess of wrinkled dresses and grass weaved hair. As we caught our breaths from all of the running and the laughter, we stared up at the moon. I began thinking about my mother then. My mother loved the moon. While my favorite thing about Earth is the sunset, hers was always the moon. I finally asked the question that I was itching to ask for a long time. 


"Yeah Lyvia?"

"Do you know what happened to my mother? Why she left me?"

Amorette's smile faded in an instant. She stood up from the ground and began walking away. I was quick on my feet and rushed to her.


She stopped but didn't turn around. A breeze sent a chill up my spine. 


She rushed to me then, her eyes already puffy and red from her tears. She embraced me in a strong, warm hug. I was extremely confused by Amorette's reaction to my asking about my mother. 

Why did it make her so upset?

She cried into my shoulder as I caressed her hair, trying to get her to calm down. 

"I'm sorry..." she whispered, "I'm so, so sorry..."

"S-sorry?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows, "But...for what?"

She released me and looked into my eyes. 

"Sephtis. You have to ask him."


© 2017 Kayla Amaro

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Added on October 10, 2017
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