Jemima Jones

Jemima Jones

A Chapter by Kayla Amaro



"I cannot."

"It is not your choice to make."

"I will not."

"He comes at midday."


Jemima Jones stood, her cheeks flaring and her hands balled into tight fists at her sides. Her father had crossed the line. For months, he had been very persistent on insisting that she meet Charles to charm him with her attractive features. And now, without enough warning, he had invited him to their home. 

"You forget too easily that he is an Earl now. He has already taken his seat in the House of Lords. Can you not see the opportunity that this presents us?" her father asked. 

She huffed and turned away from him. It wasn't that she didn't realize how much her father could take advantage of their union. She simply wasn't interested in marrying a British officer. When she was a young girl, she had made the acquaintance of a girl from New Jersey while her family was on a business trip in the colonies. This girl became a most treasured friend. They continued exchanging letters after she returned to Great Britain. One afternoon, she received a letter. Margaret was forcefully engaged to Thomas Gage of the British armed forces. Ever since, she's only heard stories of grief and torment from Margaret on the subject of her union with Thomas. He amounted to being a most abusive partner. 

Jem played with the ruffles of her dress as she recalled those letters. She refused to allow herself to suffer the same fate as Margaret. 

The fate of a woman who supported colonial policies, married to a British officer, a Major General who completely opposed them. 

Of course, her support of colonial interests was her secret. 

"Look at you," her father continued, "you are seventeen years of age. You are ripe for the picking. It is about time for you to be looking for a husband."

"I told you, I will not be courted by that man!" she snapped back. 

Her father glared at her in a condescending manner. 

"You take care of your tone when you speak to me Jemima! For shame, child! Go, freshen up for the Earl's arrival, and I will have you act as the dignified young lady I have raised you to be, not this childish brat!"

Jem raised her chin and left to race up the wooden stairs into her room without another word. Upon shutting the door, she sighed, long and exhausted. Arguing with her father drained all the energy out of her. Not only was she not in the mood to meet the Earl, she most likely wouldn't have enough energy to meet him. She grabbed the fan from her bureau and began fanning her face. Her father would never forgive her for appearing in front of the Earl red-faced.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her bright green eyes stared back. Her shimmering, golden locks were pinned back into a bun, with two loose curls spiraling down on either side of her face. She had honey colored skin that glowed in the sunlight. Her smooth lips were a tinted shade of rose. The dress she wore was mint green with patterns of red roses throughout, and white ruffles draping around the circumference of her sleeves and highlighting her chest line. She silently prayed the Earl wouldn't show up at all. She hoped that the Earl wouldn't take to her, that perhaps he had a preference for brunettes instead. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a reflection of a new letter resting on her bed. She rushed to retrieve it and broke its red seal.

"Margaret," she whispered.

She read the letter. 

My Dear Jem, 

   I regret not having had the time or the convenience of writing to you for such an extended period. I am afraid things continue to grow more restless in the colonies. Thomas was informed through his connections that the colonists continue to respond aggressively to the taxes which Parliament has imposed upon them. The notorious Sons of Liberty continue tarring and feathering the tax collectors and boycotting British goods. I fear this is only the beginning of a more solid and result reaping rebellion. I have already taken the liberty to ask Thomas for permission to return to New Jersey to reunite with my friends and family, but he refuses to allow me to go. I miss you dearly, Jem. What news? I will await your reply with utmost excitement. 

     With sisterly affection, etc.,

             Margaret Kemble Gage

Jem pressed the letter to her heart. She allowed the words to fill her thoughts. Suddenly, a shout from downstairs startled her back to the present. It was her father.

"Jem, come down! Earl Cornwallis' coach has arrived!"

© 2017 Kayla Amaro

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I loved the immediate action where Jemima and her father are talking, it got me straight into the story. I adore historical fiction, and even just having read this chapter I can tell that this is going to be good. I am already loving Jem's attitude to life, she has her own voice and a tongue in her head, which I really love to see with female characters. The dialogue stayed very true to history, and I found it was not too modern to take me away from the story, but also not old enough for me to not be able to understand what is going on. This already seems like its going to be such an amazing story that I feel as though I am connected to the characters already. I very much am looking forward to reading more of this story, thank you for taking the time to write it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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