A sign of the simple

A sign of the simple

A Poem by vinny ciambriello

Ruined by knowing, the temptation to unknow

A sign of the simple

It's funny I should think of the simple
But there it is, bending my ear
and I would love to surrender to it
But i am powerless to choose it
For i am here in complexity
it is all around me
It is the song of the jackhammer
the siren of emergency through traffic
The jetliner crashing waves to the ground
A million lighted windows
sometimes winking, sometimes staring
And all the feet that tango on streets
Unbeknownst to the tango-ers
The industry of the ant magnified
a million fold and given names,
definitions and wisdoms
these added to previous wisdoms
so that I am embraced,
pleasantly suffocated by it all
teased to know it
tempted to obtain it
Even as i am repulsed by it's will
It's merciless call
even as it tears some fundamental from my soul,
it adds some sweet morsel to my mind
I cannot taste simple so
Simple is the din of quiet
The rhythm of ocean
the crackle of dried leaf on forest floor
the prostate form of me remaining so
hour upon hour, tasting of ease
the flushing of mind stuff
The touch of soil and fungus and squirming life
without actually knowing it's name
The blanket of stars above
that give small light but no intention
Simple is the call from the past
the coil of DNA not yet fully unwound,
denatured out of our systems
But it is there and i listen
I lay very still and listen
I paint pictures, representations
lavish greens and golds upon it
and take some comfort that it might yet be
when the magnitude has crashed me in
and i can imbibe no more
not one more idea, not one more word
And so drowned, i seek it's lost opposite
I can hope this much
that even as i walk amidst this burgeoning
the derivative of numberless restless minds
I might capture within my ill-ease
a sign of the simple
perhaps a sparrow on a wire
who on looking down
allows me to know myself

© 2011 vinny ciambriello

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you have a nice and smooth way of mixing your internal navative with very detailed images, all of it nicely balanced. enjoyed the read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Great work. You find an idea and press out the thoughts that come along with it. I see that theme in this work.

Posted 7 Years Ago

There is so much searching through this piece! Awesome imagery, great poem :) xx

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 4, 2011
Last Updated on June 4, 2011


vinny ciambriello
vinny ciambriello

Brooklyn, NY

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