in heat lightening on interstate 90

in heat lightening on interstate 90

A Poem by writing mojo

put to test

this dominion 

the warning signs

grin opaque 

dead end



lake Michigan pearls

now perfectly

jagged in exoskeleton


they show half life

through the April fog      

insurrection hope 

on lasting kisses 

that revert 

to condo lit 

wick miles

the light grows dimer

dimer and dimer

with each marker

neon lips

taste of ohms

from litmus bridges 

fail safe changing

where abouts

falling harder

harder with

each look closer  

I'd go back

to Cicero

where we first met  

but there's a heart shaped

stain that twitches off a sleeve

wrapped around a

meter still ticking  

a stranded vast   

likeness of goodbye

the street sweeper

heat waves attempt

cleanse day by day

but never through the remains

of smile

and I sometimes I can blow it off

occasionally become a monument

mistake made by my rib cage

in a xylophone tether

a heart over beating

capable of fight or flight 


alley hooping to lighten

the prelude    

strung out ghost note

the hazards flashing bright

in exhaust auto fixated 

to rhythm


chrome and gastric 
slighted sighs and smoke


and out the window

we go

at 80 miles an hour waving

Kerouac style excommunicating   

the pitter-pattering rain

hushed by white oaks 

out rustling in

DNA crescendos

for vacationers

passing through

the Midwest

to better spot

lovers land locked

on the map

on fault lines that

take no credit

for matches

that connect 

with spark  

the lantern

from Elisa the cow



all over again   


bottled in lightening


for others to feel

the outskirts

of a woman

in Chicago


from within  

© 2016 writing mojo

Author's Note

writing mojo
do what you must..

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"to feel the outskirts of a woman in Chicago"
damn that is good phrasing...a Lake Shore Drive journey for me in this poem, thinking about Chi-town, having lived just 30 miles south in Lockport for 10 years...

you capture the feel of the city in a quite romantic way---she is like a woman.


Posted 2 Years Ago

Oh yes - oh yes -
It's still all there - thanks

Posted 2 Years Ago

chrome and gastric
slighted sighs with smoke
out the window
at 80 miles an hour
...and me waving

and for others
it's feeling the outskirts
leave a woman
in Chicago

Lol. ..jeezuz..i just left a flood home in the Midwest..had to build an arch to wave. Bye bye!
Honey..thus read backword at a good way..then projected itself forward. As fast as you could go...bout 80 miles And a landscape went bye. ..and a feeling. Of moving on.

Great f*****g piece...always in awe of you!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

writing mojo

2 Years Ago

you where in that flood? s**t girl! i hope everything is ok. thanks for the read, as especially in y.. read more
Very nice play with words, strong imagery. 'The warning signs grin opaque.'

Elegant although difficult for a non-native English reader to comprehend the exact meanings.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

"Whatever it is, I fear Greeks whatever they bring" Virgil said. Or. "Where falling easy is the cast of
shadows and a heart twitches off a sleeve in the standard ash of heated goodbye". Both are the
standard ash of ancient methodology. But love comes, at times, shrouded in momentary
goodness. Like that love at first sight bullshit that the songwriters of the mid 60's use to adhere to.
My dad us to walk around the yard singing "Don't let The Rain Come Down", by the Serendipity
Singers. And it took me until I joined the service and moved out to understand what he was
humming. "Don't let it end since I know damn well it might, but even the seeds planted deep from good
intentions, might not bare fruit..".
bear fruit.
Bare fruit.......Whatever....Tremendous way to get to a love poem brother. Start at the ending.


This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

You start with visceral visuals and flow through to images that take the reader's breath away on rapids of fierce strength, excellent take away all and bestow all in one swoop...such is the power of your pen :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

writing mojo

2 Years Ago

thank you so much poppy for that lovely review

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writing mojo
writing mojo

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A Poem by writing mojo

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