The Launch July 20th 1969.

The Launch July 20th 1969.

A Poem by writing mojo

coming of age


hands between 9 and 3

that's what mama  


told her at sixteen

to grasp the wheel

and steer clear  

of LSD sunrises

spin out of disaster

when that dress

is floored

avoid drunken

strangers in lap

and parked cars

merry prankster

seat belts undone


the midnight strokes

litmus weightlessness 

from legs and arms

to the rear-view

up like launch pad



the pink horizon  

cusp the road side 

saunter to the blip

arising tides


no longer summer of love

1967 but reminiscing 

of holding hands

with chaperon space

in an alpha constellation   

comes loose

the throttle

young and wild


forever for those inside girls

remembering the song

on the radio

Something In The Air 

and outside boys calling it

being a free spirit

yelling touchdown!

high-fiveing each other

with the dial cracked


with a selfish desire 

to be the first man landing

on the moon  





© 2015 writing mojo

Author's Note

writing mojo
do what you must..

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I remember coming of age. Spent most of my time wishing my acne would go away and that I had a flash car.

Posted 2 Years Ago

when your young you experiment. When your a young man you explore since experimentation
is for squares.

Merrit Andrews said in class that "pre marital sex might be something young women should experiment".
So soon after the four girls arrived in Ft Lauderdale for spring break, Melanie looses her
virginity. Those were the opening scenes of "Where the Boys Are", that 60's movie my parents
forbade me and my sister to watch unless one of them was in the room. Damn, that seems
tame now, Even by yesterdays standards. But if the sixties were anything at all, they were the
years of experiment; of children leaning forward to hear what Joplin, Hendrix, Warhol, Coltrane,
Picasso, Plath, Sexton, Miles, Alan Shepard, Gandhi, The Temptations, The Everly Brothers,
Hank Williams, Ed Clampett, Flip Wilson and Uncle Joe had to say.

Then you grow up and replace those "selfish desires" with more refined selfish desires: Older
women. Slower cars with better gas mileage. Taller security fences. Mega Million tickets.
Homeland security....(sic)

You possess the greatest poetic mind in America. I would say the world, but I've been no where
worldly lately but Walmart for Flu meds, and my mothers house for spare pillow cases.
They said of Namath in his prime that he could flip his wrist and the football would travel
65 yards in the air.....Well brother, you can flip that pen of yours and throw you metaphoric
likenesses as far as the eye can see..

You are as brilliant as always....dana

Posted 2 Years Ago

Or the first woman; we are no different, we just pretend to be. :))

Brilliant!! Beccy.

Posted 2 Years Ago

there is that step---on the moon of youth...being seventeen...all the warnings...and yet...

we are explorers into that galaxy of sensuality..."houston we have a problem"---but it's all part of adolescence...

you are such a polished writer and i so enjoy the settings you create with your words.

Posted 2 Years Ago

writing mojo

2 Years Ago

thank you very much for the compliment and the review
Quite narrative for you - but I love the entwined double entendre of just one small step into manhood.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

writing mojo

2 Years Ago

Thanks Michael. I am glad you got the piece

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writing mojo
writing mojo

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an amplified thinker from a world where words color in the blanks so many live for to have their verbal spirits read into breath... more..


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