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Chapter One-A New Arrival

Chapter One-A New Arrival

A Chapter by xRivienx

Who is that? Whoever it is, they seem to be trouble.

                     ~Chapter One~

    The trailer closed around my long athletic body. I put my muzzle over the feeding bin, eating the goodies
I was given for the ride. I wanted to look outside, see where we're going. But everything was so dark. It seemed like night.
    All the sudden it stopped. Break? Are we there? Daylight came in from the dark and slowly crept up forward. I perked my ears and put one back, to hear what whoever was there say something.
   "Okay Bailey girl, back up." Ah, the sound of Peter's voice. He was a good guy, he was like a butler or something, he did everything asked. I backed out...kinda. My lead rope was still tied up.
    "Woops! Never did that one for a while, guess I'm getting back to it, eh?" Peter said. He opened the little window right next to bin, undoing the tie. I sighed and waited. Peter shortly after said "Okay, time to back out now!" I wondered if he forgot to do anything else so I backed out slowly.
    Nothing happened, phew! But the place was different. I blew threw my nostrils nervously, looking around, scared. Was there horses or humans here rude? Mean, abusive?
    I tried to be closer to Peter, but that didn't work out so well, he just pulled me around to the owner...or trainer...I dunno.
   The gate silently opened, only hearing the wind, breathing, and soft noises around. Especially my breath, it was fast and hard. I glanced around, some horses were cantering in the arena, some were cantering fences, fun! But still, it seemed scary.
   "Oh, girls! The new horse is here!" the trainer said excitedly. I snorted as Peter closed the gate and tied me up. "Talking about large! How tall is she?!" "Seventeen hands." Peter smiled and continued with the conversation. While I was abandoned, tied up. Some of the other horses tied up and being groomed and saddled whispered, but I quiet enough to listen.
   "Does she look like trouble!!" "I know! Maybe it's Shadow's cousin!" They giggled. I pulled my ears back. "What "Shadow?" I snorted. The turned their heads. "What?" one of them said, giving me probably their innocent look.
   "Cookie! Ignore her...or, whatever the hell it is." the horse "Cookie" giggled and continued being groomed.
    "Ignore them. All they are is horses with papers, pedigrees,  and snotty attitudes and owners." The horse not so far away tied up said. "Who are you? Where am I? Who are they?" I asked, so confused. "You are at Greenwood Stables, those two are Cookie and Spice, and I'm Arii." She said. Looking up to make eye-contact. " tall are you?!" Arii asked. "Seventeen hands..." I said. "Wow!! You're probably the tallest horse here! I meet or met everyone!" I shyly smiled as a dark haired girl came up to Arii to per her, glancing up at me nervously, she untied Arii and tied her somewhere else. What a bad start.

        After "years" of waiting.
   "Okay, stall for you." Peter said, leading me to the barn, putting me in a stall, taking off my lead rope and giving me grain. "Good girl." He said before going out the barn. I sighed and lay on the floor.
    After a while of lying, I got up and ate my grain. Only hearing myself chew. After a light gray horses walked up to the front of her stall, smiling at me, okay, now was her greet gonna be bad? 

© 2011 xRivienx

Author's Note

Whew! I hope you enjoy! And...PiCtUrEs.

Bailey(the main horse)-
Gray Horse-

Dark Haired Girl-

Enjoy! And, I'm going to steal that trainer's sweatshirt. >:U

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