Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Dr YumnaKay

Julian looked up to the sky as they moved towards the entrance. With no chance of rain, it should work perfect for the rest of the day.

With pretend smiles and nerves of steel, one by one they passed through the manual checking procedure. They hadn’t brought guns with them because it would have been too risky, what with the obvious checking by security. They’d already been told by ‘the man’ that the guns they’d need had already been planted somewhere on the plane. And at that time it had struck him odd that if the man had so much hold over the situation so as to smuggle guns on the plane why hadn’t he hired some experts for this particular job. It was still a mystery to him how the hell had that man found about Julian. But when he’d tried asking, he was told to “not bother about where he got the information from.” Because “the less he knew, the safer he was.”

Casting that thought aside now, he led them towards the male washroom where the stewards would be.

With a surreptitious look around them, watching people move, waving goodbyes to their families, he couldn’t help feeling that maybe if fate had been his way he would have been the one here as a normal person and not as someone coming to attempt a hijack.

They reached the men’s room, but to their surprise it was closed. However, voices from within perked their interest.

“Come on, Freddie, hurry up! You’re always doing that, wearing your shirt the wrong way.”

A peal of laughter erupted from the room as the others guffawed loudly.

“Uh, uh, yeah lemme get it right.” The guy, apparently Freddie, muttered lamely. 

“Ju, what’re you waiting for?” Drake whispered beside him. “Let’s go inside, get them unawares of what hit them!”

Julian gave him a quick glance and nodded to the others.

Giving a deep breath, he motioned for them to take out the clothes with which they were going to attack the men inside.

Holding the cloth firmly in his hand, the door creaked as he pushed it open with his team of men following behind and into the room.

Each and every one of them scrunched their eyes at the dazzle of bright lights. There were 4 men in all ready with their steward’s clothes on, their backs towards Julian and the others, while the one probably Freddie was still in the washroom changing.

All the better, he thought, and lunged towards the man in front of him hooking his arm around him and covered his mouth with the chloroform filled cloth. The man struggled, and tried to put up a fight, but Julian’s grasp was too tight. He felt the struggling become weaker, before the man finally fell sideways and hit the floor.

Julian shook himself off, kicking the man further in the shins for extra precautions and glanced back at the others smiling grimly. A shock wave washed over him as he saw Kevin standing leaning by the wall apparently bored while the others had done getting the men unconscious. Kevin saw him looking and nodded towards the door of the washroom where Freddie was still in, and then Julian understood. Smiling wickedly, Kevin walked up to the door and waited beside it. Then the door began to unlock.

“Okay, I’m do...” Before he could finish off, Kevin hit him with the cloth binding him with himself.

Freddie was proving to be a stronger captive as he struggled to free himself. Drake barged in, ramming his elbow into Freddie’s head, who then collapsed, making it easier for Kevin to apply the chloroform soaked cloth.

There was a crashing sound as Kevin dropped the man to the floor.

“That was easy, wasn’t it? Kevin grinned, looking around.

“Oh yeah, real smart! While we managed on our own, you had to have the help of Drake to overpower this pig!” Julian pointed down, his tone mocking.

Kevin burst, outrageous. “Didn’t ask him! Did I? I would’ve managed on my own, pal!”

“Quit it! It doesn’t matter!” Drake butted in, silencing them both. “We don’t have ‘nuff time for all this crap to discuss. Shove these men somewhere and start getting dressed!”

That was done by Jim and Carter, who had been watching all the exchange between Julian and Kevin with an expression of disinterest.

They stripped all the clothes off the men. Leaving them with their under wears and piled them one on the other in one of the corner washrooms which had an out of order sign over it.

Getting dressed, he glanced at his watch. All the action here had taken them less than 15 minutes. He was getting more confident with every step. Now, entering the plane as stewards would be no trouble at all, he thought with a satisfied smile on his face. 

© 2017 Dr YumnaKay

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Aloha, the threads are starting to come together, and the pace is very good.
For a moment I wasn't sure if they were going to pull off the switch. They seemed to fumble their way through though. Izzy

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Dr YumnaKay

1 Year Ago

Ahh well, they'll fumble but eventually will put it off ;) Thank you, Izzy, for following and readin.. read more

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1 Review
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