chapter 9  Eddie’s (girl)friend

chapter 9 Eddie’s (girl)friend

A Chapter by zee

That day Easy decided to wear a green skirt. She always weared green
when she was going to do something important. And visiting Eddie was
surely something important: time to fix up the things! She thought.
The croissant of the day was one filled with chocolate. That was a good
sign, she thought. Because usually she always got jam or cream, but today
she got something different, indicating that the day was going to go well.
Easy was full of skepticisms and “indicating signs” that would have guided
her through the day: for example, she never wore her violet shirt during an
exam, because it has been proven that if she did she’d have got a bad mark.
Or she would never put mascara when she had to go the grocery, or she
would surely have lost some dollars on her way.
At the bookstore, Easy found Jerry looking up at some books for kids.
“Hey Easy, how did it go yesterday with the little ones?” he asked
“Oh, tell me about it! It’s been awful, no one was listening to me. And the
worst of it was when that woman who brought them here told me she’d
come back today!” Easy answered worried.
“Oh boy” Jerry said, laughing. “Can I do it today?”
What a relief! “Of course pal, if you think you can make it!” Easy said.
At that point, Barry jumped in, with the new apron Easy had given to him.
He had been so happy when she gave him the gift. “Easy, when you go to
see Eddie, tell him we need more new stuff here, I mean something else
than books. I don’t know, some notebooks, bookmarks, pens, whatever
may call new customers.”
“Hey, that’s really a good idea. Well done, Barry, I’ll surely tell him” Easy
But when she got off at the streetcar stop right in front of number 38 of
Village Road later on, she wasn’t sure about anything anymore. She really
didn’t expect to see such a big and beautiful house. It had two floors and a
roomy loft, and sliding windows that were so clean Easy thought there was
no glass. The garden was relatively small for such a big house, but it was so
green and full of flowers, and the whole place was bound by a white, fine
The golden label at the front white, wooden door, read: WHALES, book
managing. Wow, Easy thought, Mr. Whales is really serious about his job.
With a slight knot in her stomach, Easy pressed the doorbell.
A thin old man, dressed in a black suit with a papillon and white gloves,
opened the door with a puzzled look. “Yes? How can I help you my lady?”
“Uhm, hi, I-I’m Eas �"I mean, Isabella. I’m a friend of Eddie. Edward, sorry.”
Easy was really embarrassed. She’d never talked to a butler before.
But the man’s face lightened up as soon as he heard the word “friend”. “Oh
dear, what a joy to have you here! Please, come in. I suppose you came
here for having lunch with us! Master Ed would surely have invited you!”
the man said, with a glad and happy voice.
“No, no absolutely. I’m sorry, I came here just to talk to him, is he here?”
Easy asked, now really scared: she has stepped inside, and if that house
looked wonderful by its external, its internal looked like a castle. The hall
was decorated with family portraits framed in silver, and the rug Easy was
now standing on was so clean and soft she wanted to take her shoes off not
to dirty it. There were modern chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and
Easy could have sworn they were so clean you could have eaten on them.
The walls were painted white or extremely light colors. Mr. Whales really
liked to have a clean house.
“Yes, of course he is here! He’s in his bedroom, please follow me” and the
polite butler made their way through the house, up to the white marble
stairs, until they got close to Eddie’s room.
“Here he is, Miss Isabella.” The butler motioned his hand to point at the
open door of Eddie’s room. Easy couldn’t help laugh when she saw what he
was doing: he was wearing a worn out tank top of the New York Knicks and
shorts, and was dancing at the sound of Jump Around playing on his iPhone.
Easy thanked the good butler and took her shoes off. Eddie’s room also had
a rug, and it was dark blue, matching the lighter one of the walls.
“So that’s what you’ve been doing the whole week, uh?” she asked aloud,
stepping inside.
Eddie stopped his improvised dance-with-the-hips-and-fits abruptly and
turned to face her, shocked: “Easy! What the?” and he hurried to stop the
House of Pain singing. “Oh gosh, Easy, what are you doing here?” he asked,
widening his green eyes.
Easy couldn’t help laugh a bit more seeing her friend in total panic. “Relax, I
just came here to see if you were still alive.”
“Oh yes, I am, fortunately. But would you mind waiting me in the living
room? I mean, until I get myself something decent to wear” his cheeks
were turning a bit red now. “Uhm, have you met Steven yet?”
“You mean that nice butler? Yes, I have. I’ll ask him the way.”
Steven winced in his spying corner, where he and Betty the maid have been
talking about the new comer.
“How precious she is, isn’t that?” Betty would have whispered to him.
“Oh yes, she has a nice perfume and such good manners! Look, she’s even
getting her shoes off not to dirty the carpet!” Steven replied.
“I really like that girl, Steven. She could really do for poor Eddie, you know
he’s been depressed so long for not having friends!”
“STEVEN!?” Eddie called out again, impatient of making Easy stop looking at
his hairy legs.
“Sorry Betty, I have to go! See you later!” Steven said, and he popped out
of their corner to reach Eddie’s room door.
“Yes, master?” he said, with a wide smile, showing his modest false teeth.
“Can you please lead Easy to the living room? I’ll come as soon as I put my
jeans on” Eddie said quickly.
The living room was comfortable and classic, with a low brown table at the
middle and four dark red sofas surrounding it. Easy sat on the one facing
the door.
Two minutes or so must have passed when a quick shadow moved past the
door. Then, a man, moved backward more slowly, popPing his head in the
room, curious.
“And you are?” the young man asked, smiling.
Easy looked up from her gallery on the phone, and for a moment she
thought the man talking to her was Eddie with his hair dyed gold.
Even if they shared the same basic features, this guy was way more
handsome than Eddie: he had an athletic smile and his hair were shorter
than Eddie’s, showing his square jaws.
Easy had to swallow before talking. “I’m Easy, a friend of Eddie”
The young man approached toward her with his hands in the pockets of his
dark blue suit’s trousers, and looked her with an incredulous face.
“Eddie? Ha! And then he goes around babbling he has no friend at all! Well,
my dear, I’m Jason, Eddie’s older brother. And I’m pleasantly surprise to
find out my brother has such a beautiful company” and with a grin he
offered her his hand. He had a gentle, warm catch.
When Eddie hurried down the stairs, he heard two voices laughing. And
when he reached the living room, he rolled up his eye. Here we go again,
he thought. Jason can’t stand to look at a pretty lady without starting a
“Eddie! Dear Eddie, why didn’t you tell us we were having guests for
lunch?” Jason asked aloud. He was now sitting with Easy on the sofa,
probably telling her a joke.
At that moment, Betty and Steven jumped out suddenly (they must have
been overhearing again) and said smiling: “Did you call us Master? Should
we arrange the table?”
“No guys, no one has called you, and no Jason, I didn’t invite her for lunch!”
Eddie said. The last thing he wanted was his parents fantasizing about Easy
and any kind of relationship with her. They’ve been trying to find him a
fiancé for almost a year, without any success.
“Hey boy, what manners! Is it like this we treat such fine ladies?” Jason
blamed him. Eddie noticed Easy cheeks went suddenly red.
“So it’s settled! We’ll prepare an extra seat at the table!” Betty said joyfully.
It seemed like everybody was excited about having a friend of Eddie for
Eddie couldn’t say anything before the housekeepers disappeared again,
and Jason stood up taking Easy’s hands in his. “It’s been such a pleasure to
meet you, but I’m afraid I shall leave now. My father must be looking for
me. I leave you to my brother.” And he turned to Eddie, winking at him.
God, please help me. Eddie thought. What was wrong with them all?
The two young friends moved to the garden, and sat on the big swing,
which was surrounded by wide bushes and colorful flowers of every kind.
“I’m sorry I’ve caused so much troubles” Easy begun.
“Nah, it’s fine don’t worry. It’s just that they haven’t seen a teenager since
ages, as all our guests are boring decrepit agents and nasty old ladies
coming here to chat with my parents.” Eddie said, making faces to make
fun of their ordinary guests.
Easy giggled. All her bad feelings she had developed during the week have
flown away. Eddie had that “friendly-halo” around him that made you
forgive him everything. But before Easy could tell him anything, Eddie said:
“Look Easy, I’m terribly sorry about this week. Believe me when I say today
was my very first day of freedom. And it was just because my Dad was busy
and couldn’t come to the bookstore.”
“Bookstore? You mean our bookstore?” Easy asked.
“No, not that. I mean a new, bigger one in Times Square. Dad asked me to
help him and Jason arranging everything to open it up as soon as possible.
It’s that kind of “lessons” he’s trying to teach me about real life
management.” And he motioned his second and third fingers to produce air
“But what about us? What about…me? You completely forgot about us”
Easy replied.
“I know I’m sorry, but I promise I’ll come to see you soon, very soon!”
“I’m afraid we need you urgently…we have to buy some new books, and we
need your okay”
“New books? But if we’re not even able to sell the old ones!” Eddie asked
But at that moment, Betty popped out, saying with a shiny smile “My dears,
the lunch’s ready! We’re waiting for you.”
When Eddie and Easy entered the dining room, they were both invested by
the curious eyes of the Whales family: Jason looked at them with his deep
blue eyes and hide his grin with his big, elegant hand. Mr. Whales put down
his tablet and looked at the young friends above his glasses, and his two
eyebrows lifted up to show his surprise. Mrs. Whales’ eyes were dancing
from Eddie to Easy, and backward, trying to decode some suspicious details
of the two. But what surprised Easy most, was to be welcomed by two
bright smiles: the first of Steven the butler, and the second of Betty the
maid. They were actually sat with their masters at the table, sharing with
them the very same dish, and no one was giving them orders. Easy thought
that this was very strange, for in all those soaps and movies she had
followed, the housekeeper always had meals in the kitchen, alone.
“Well, uhm, guys this is Easy, as you probably already know” Eddie said,
glancing conspicuously to Betty, who was known to be a wonderful chatter.
“Nice to meet you all. I’m so sorry if I caused any disturb, I’ve only came to-
“ Easy started, but she had to stop.
“My dear, please! You are most welcome! Such a fine young lady in our
house! Edward, you should have warned us before, tho. We’d have the
guest room prepared!” Mrs. Whales said with a high pitch voice. She looked
pleasant to Easy.
Eddie wouldn’t have the time to answer.
“He actually told me about her, Molly. But it was nearly a week ago, and I
surely didn’t expect her for lunch.” Mr. Whales had a deep, warm, 
welcoming voice, and even if Eddie described him strict and commanding,
Easy found him a good man anyway.
“What? You did know about her? Why didn’t you tell me!” his wife inquired
“Oh dear, I was just too busy. But what are you two doing standing there?
Come, take seats!” Easy and Eddie have been standing still at the door for
the whole conversation, the first with red cheeks and the other with open
mouth. They both felt like they were two pets being looked by a crowd of
people behind the glass of a shop window.
When the two friends took seat, everyone put their napkin on their laps
automatically, and began fiddling with the cutlery, Steven and Betty
Easy found on her big plate a chicken leg and some tomatoes and other
vegetables that were difficult to recognize, and in another plate some
potatoes with ketchup. Ketchup is popular in this family Easy thought.
“So Edward, is she the girl you were supposed to hang with during the
week? Your lover?” Mr. Whales managed to ask with a big bite of chicken in
his mouth.
At the sound of the world lover the curious eyes of Betty and Mrs. Whales
turned on brightly and they both faced Easy. Jason widened his eyes and,
smiling, moved his head miming a shock, and slowly turned to face Eddie,
who almost suffocated while eating a potato slice. I won’t tell you about
Easy cheeks which went so dangerously red she had to put her hands on
“Dad! For God’s sake!” Eddie said. But before he could say anything more,
his dad burst out laughing.
“Alright, alright son, I was just joking. I’m afraid I like to put you under
pressure �"and turning to Easy, Mr. Whales said: please sweetheart, forgive
the foolishness of an old man. Tell us, where are you from?”
Easy was starting to have fun. “I’m from Boston. I actually come here every
summer to stay with my Aunt Joanne.”
“How lovely! Tell me, what do you do?” Mrs. Whales asked excited. It really
looked like they weren’t used to chat with teens.
“I study Medicine. I mean, I will next year hopefully. I’ve just graduated
from high school” Easy replied, leaning her head a bit forward to face Mrs.
Whales, for Eddie was sitting between them.
“Wow, finally something different!” Jason replied. “You may have noticed
that we’re all managers here!”
“A wise, honorable and fruitful job, my dear Easy, something that my
youngest son will never understand!” Mr. Whales said, and Eddie looked at
his friend rolling his eyes, making her giggle.
Then something that surprised Easy happened: the big 12” TV that was
present with them in the room would never been turned on. Usually, back
to Boston, Easy and her dad “enjoyed” having lunch or dinner watching the
news on the television, annoyingly commented by Easy’s dad who claimed
that every politician was a foul traitor.
But at the Whale’s Easy didn’t hear the news of the day. She wouldn’t hear
about what the Mayor did or how many shops have been robbed and how
many people won the lottery that day.
Instead, she’d happily listened to the day of each member of the family:
she’d listen first to Mr. Whales, who talked about the new bookstore at
Times Square, and about those two blueprints they have lost and that have
been luckily found by a worker, and about how he decided to split the shop
into four parts, one for kids, the other for teens, and the remaining two for
Then they listened to Mrs. Whales, who talked about how much she’d
spent for her shopping that day, and that although it cost a lot, the fuchsia
pantsuit she bought fitted her just fine. Then she talked about her friends 
at the clubhouse, who were all secretly jealous of her because her sons
were one more beautiful than the others.
Then it was the turn of Jason, who talked about those crazy bills that the
architecture gave him, and how he managed to pay less even if he knew the
poor man did a wonderful job at the bookstore. He also talked about his
friend Max, who had invited him to go to see the baseball game later on.
And so on, everyone on that table told his or her story, even Easy, and she
felt like every single person was involved: they weren’t just eating, they
were sharing part of their daily lives, and that simple thing made Easy think
how wonderful would have been to have a family to chat with every day.
When they were all done with the lunch, Eddie took her out the house, to
talk more quietly “without inspiring some soap operas about secret loves”,
as he’d said.
They decided to go directly to the Park Avenue bookstore, so that they
would go checking the list of suppliers for new books. But Easy still didn’t
tell a word about the absolute changes she and the guys made to the shop.
As they were walking around the quiet, tree-lined Village Road, Easy said:
“Sorry, but I just couldn’t notice that Betty and Steven were sitting with us
at lunch”.
“Oh, yeah, I suppose you were expecting them to leave and eat in some
dark corners of the house. That’s an ugly stereotype; my parents abolished
it long time ago, because our housekeepers live with us every day: they
help us, cheer us, and without them our house wouldn’t be complete.
They’re part of the family, and I guess they have the right to eat at the table
as well as we do.” Eddie replied, looking straight without facing his friend.
Easy thought that his profile was just like his father’s.
“I like that. It sounds so…respectful” she stated.
“Yeah? I’m glad to hear that” Eddie said. “Easy, uhm, look I’m so sorry and
embarrassed for what my family thought you were. I mean, we were. I
mean, what’s between �"ah, never mind. It’s just that they have been
pressing me to get engaged for so long that I’m just used to it. I don’t know
what to say, really.”
“Why, how old are you?” Easy asked surprised.
“Me? Well, I’m 24” Eddie said, making a little bow.
“What?! You’re 24 years old?” Easy was shocked. She had always thought
he was twenty, at maximum.
“24 years young, you mean” Eddie said smiling.
Easy gave a quick glance at what he was wearing: tight light jeans and a
wide T-shirt and a pair of worn white Adidas...He was surely a juvenile guy.
“But you told me you were in second year” she finally said.
“Yeah, and that’s true. I started college some time ago and let’s say I’m not
so fond of it…my dad would say that “I like to waste my life hanging around
doing nothing”. By the way, what about taking a look around after work?
You know, to begin our touristic journey in New York” he asked hopeful.
“Yeah, for what? For being dumped for the next week?” Easy asked,
wincing a little.
“What? No, no, this time I swear it will be alright! I’ll come to the bookstore
every day and after work we’ll see each other as I promised you!” Eddie
was now walking backwards like a shrimp, to face Easy.
“And what about the new bookstore you’re stuck in?” she asked squeezing
her eyes.
“Okay fine, maybe I’d have to work there for a couple of days, but we’re
almost done. C’mon Easy, believe me, this time I won’t miss it!” he said.
She looked at him puzzled, as if she was looking at the back of a book,
reading the short summary of the story, deciding whether to trust the
author and buy the book or go for another one. Then she said: “Okay.”
When they reached their little, familiar bookstore, Eddie stopped to look at
the window. And before he could realize what they’ve done, he heard a
rough voice from the inside, yelling out: “Aaaaargh!!!” and then what must
have been a group of frightened kids screaming out in panic.
“What the?” but as Eddie stepped inside, he had to rub his eyes with
disbelief: he was looking at a bright new bookstore, not the old and
pathetic one he’d left, but a clean modern place where some customers
were actually hanging around. And what was better, there was a moderate
crowd, of kids and adults, in circle surrounding a guy dressed up as a pirate,
telling them a fairy tale. It didn’t take long to realize that the guy was Jerry,
and he had successfully managed to catch the attention of both the kids
and their parents.
“Oh my gosh! What’s happened in here! W-Who did this?” Eddie said after
a couple of minutes, staring at Easy slack-jawed.
“We and the guys” Easy answered. At first she thought he was
mad at them. Of course his mad, her “wise” voice commented in her mind,
he’s feeling like you took over the place and made your own business
without even trying to contact him!
But to clean up all her doubts, Eddie smiled wider than ever before
-showing that his last two front teeth were slightly overlapping, and
grabbed Easy by her arms, almost shouting: “Easy! That’s great! This place
is reborn!” and then he spent the following fifteen minutes going around
the shop, peering in every corner and say things like “Whoa!” or “Goofygosh!”
or “I’m about to cry”.
Later on, when the “crew” of excited kids left, Eddie and his three bestbuddies
sat in circle on the red rug, sharing cola cans.
“Guys, I have no words to thank you enough. What you did here
is…unbelievable! And you don’t need my agreement, whatever you do is
just fantastic. How could you do all this in such short time!” Eddie said in
“Oh well, we were in three, and actually Easy’s directions have been quite
helpful. It’s she you have to thank for: she had all the ideas and we just did
what she said.” Barry said humbly.
“You bet! Here’s a true sea-dog! I mean…she-dog!” Jerry said, still wearing
his pirate hat and eye-patch. “Cheers!” and he waved his can toward the
middle, and everyone followed him, saying again “Cheers”.
“The truth is that you are the best fellows to work with, and it’s thanks to
you if this place changed face…oh no guys, look, we’ve split the cola on the
rug.” Easy was always careful not to dirty something. It was one of her
But right that moment, a little body jumped out from nothing, throwing
himself on the rug with a shout.
“Whoa, boy! Who are you?” Jerry said, grabbing the little kid before he’d
fall face on the ground.
The little boy was clearly Asiatic and said something that surely had some
sense, but it was in a language that none of the three booksellers
But suddenly, another voice called out from the counter behind them.
“Ping! Ping, come here!”
Jerry imagined it must have been the boy’s mom, so he stood up and
turned, holding little Ping in his arms. But he had to stop bewildered,
because the girl calling out the kid’s name couldn’t possibly be his mother.
She had to be his big-sister.
“Ling!” was all what Jerry managed to say, and the girl stopped shocked.
You have to know that Ling and Jerry were school mates. And if Jerry was
outgoing, playful and merry all the time, Ling was always quiet, immersed
in some books or doodling her notebooks on her own in a hidden corner.
“Ling, hello! I guess this must be yours. I mean... your brother. Because he’s
your brother, right?” Jerry said smiling, showing his fake gold tooth, and
little Ping jumped out of his catch and went out of the shop, saying “You’re
never gonna catch me alive!”. But someone in the streets actually grabbed
him this time, and Jerry could definitely say it was his mother.
Many were the times in which Jerry tried to speak with Ling and make
acquaintance, but with no success. And if poor Ling wouldn’t answer him in
his “normal” appearance, she surely wouldn’t do it when he was dressed as
a pirate with a gold tooth and a black eye patch. Not to talk about the
plastic sword in his belt. The situation was getting a bit too awkward.
“Uhm, so he’s name’s Ping right? Nice! So it’s Ling and Ping! They make
rhymes!” Jerry said in a desperate attempt.
But that only made thing worse, for Ling must have taken it as an offense,
and widened her beautiful, deep, almond-shaped dark eyes and hurried
away to reach her family.
When she closed the door, Jerry let himself have a big face-palm, and
thought he was a complete idiot.
In the meanwhile, his friends came out to see what happened, and as soon
as Jerry was alone, Barry couldn’t help laugh hard.
“Man, you’re too funny!” he’d manage to say. “Ping and Ling make
rhymes!” and he laughed even harder.
“W-what’s so funny, I can’t understand” Easy said, looking from Jerry to
Barry, and from Barry to Eddie, who was pressing his lips a laugh too.
“Ling goes in his same school and he’s been having a crush on her since
ever.” Eddie said.
“And what’s worse is that Ling didn’t even say hi to him! Not once! It’s an
old story that will never change!” Barry continued, after he had recovered
from his laugh. “He’d tried them all, each time making a fool of himself
more and more, but that poor girl will never answer him”
“Hey, wait a minute, I don’t have any “crush” for anyone, it’s just that I
think she’s smart and polite, and it would be nice to make friend with her”
Jerry said. “And when she’ll finally answer me I’ll buy you all a drink!”
Easy always thought that Jerry’s company must have been loud and crazy
like him, and she was surely surprised to find out he liked quiet, peaceful,
withdrawn people, instead.
Later on that afternoon, Eddie insisted to take Easy for a tour around the
city, and Easy decided to visit Times Square, more specifically, the big new
“Whales & sons” bookstore in Times Square.
Eddie agreed reluctantly, because he didn’t like that place much. However,
it wasn’t in the very beginning of that amazing, crowded “square” so they
still had the chance to see something.
Easy had never been in Times Square before. She felt it like a jungle, of
skyscrapers, shops, taxis, people, colors, neon-lights and a lot of smog.
When they reached the middle of the square, she instinctively grabbed
Eddie’s arm in the fear of getting lost.
“Relax! It’s just the craziest place you could ever find yourself in this
planet!” he’d say her, laughing. “You know, my father always wanted to
rent an advertisement place here. But you can’t imagine how expensive
they’re. Once they asked him a million bucks per year! That’s just crazy. Just 
imagine what you could do with a million dollars every year!”. Eddie
But Easy wasn’t paying attention: she was too frightened and yet amazed in
filling her eyes with as much lights, picture and details of that place as she
could. She would have described her feelings to Aunt Jo later like “being
trapped in the flipper console of a disco’s theme, getting drunk with all the
colors and sounds”.
If Easy was literally going crazy in that place, Eddie felt like as at home. He
moved through the crowd like a shadow, leading Easy quickly and safely to
the “Whales & sons book mega-store”.
There were many workers doing their job, but they recognized Jerry and let
them in without troubles.
Easy felt like if someone has turned off all the noise and mess of the square
as she entered the enormous building, and the sound of drills seemed like
music to her if compared with the horns and shouts of the street.
“Behold! The new jewel of the Whales’ stores, our new, modern and
interactive mega-store!” Eddie said miming the voice of his father, getting
in the middle of what had to be the main hall and spreading his arms. In the
background, the workers were shaking their heads, probably thinking
“Teens, humpf.”
Easy was amazed. She’s never been in such a big bookstore before. “Wow.
This place is really enormous. I feel ashamed of our small shop in Park
Avenue.” Easy was crossing the main hall of the store: it was very big and
airy, and there were also two stairs leading to the second floor. She used to
think that they had made a really big work in their little bookstore and that
she had worked like a real manager, but now she’s changed her mind
completely: only highly experienced men could handle such a big place and
manage to bring it to success. And she thought Mr. Whales was one of
“I guess you’re not very excited to work in here, aren’t you?” Easy asked
her friend, as they were going upstairs.
“Not really.” Eddie answered, sitting on a big wood box that contained new
books they’d shipped.
But as he sat, a little pocketbook fell from his jeans and Easy picked it
before him.
“Easy, no, please, don’t open it” for the first time, Eddie looked worried.
“Why? I’ve always wanted to know what it was. You’ve fallen on my face
because of this, do you remember?” Easy said, now really interested in that
small notebook that obviously Eddie took with him wherever he went.
“Okay, enough now. Give it back” he said, extending his arms to get his
precious notebook back, but Easy run away and opened it.
The most terrifying minutes passed before Easy looked up from the
pocketbook and said, widening her eyes “These words are beautiful. Where
did you get them from?”
“Uh? You mean…you like it?” Eddie asked, smiling.
“Yeah, of course I do! What’s the name of the poet?”
“Uhm… I guess it’s Edward Whales or something, but I’m not sure, tho” he
said, scratching the back of his head.
Easy couldn’t believe it. “Whaa?! You mean you actually wrote all of this
“I’m afraid yes. Well, you’re officially the first person to like the trash I
“Trash? Man, this is art. These are beautiful lines! You should publish them
somewhere!” and they got back to seat on the wood box.
Eddie exhaled and looked at the workers down at the main hall. “Yeah, you
know. I’ve always preferred to write books, not to sell them.”
“And why don’t you write, then? What are you doing in Business college?
You should be attending English Literature or something.” Easy said, looking
at him straight in the eyes.
“One word. Dad” he answered. “He’d never allow me to go Poetry. He
thinks what we have here is a treasure; an Empire that must be passed
from father to son. And if I’d ever tell him that I don’t like this
fortune…well, I don’t know. He’d surely not allow me.”
“Have you ever actually told him?” Easy said. She was always straight to
business, without ceremonies.
“No, of course not. It would be pointless, because I know the answer. Plus I
don’t know if I’ll ever succeed in this. What if people don’t like what I
“You’ll never know if you don’t try! I’m sorry, but I have to tell you: you’re
acting cowardly.” Easy said, looking down to the workers too.
Eddie instead seemed very hurt by what she said, and turned shocked,
saying: “What?”
“Listen, if you’re so scared you could also sign up with a fake account in
those writers communities or blogs or whatever and see what people
think!” Easy said serious. “It’s true that you have a big fortune here, but it’s
also true that you have one even bigger here” and she reached his chest,
pointing the heart.
“Okay, here’s a deal, as you like them so much” she continued. “Write a
poem each day! This would make a total of three-hundreds-sixty-five
poems, enough to publish your first book! What do you say?” she asked,
stretching out her hand.
But Eddie just smiled, standing up and leaving her with her hand in the air.
“Hey! Where are you going!”
“Time to get out of here!” and he descended toward the door downstairs,
with his hands in his pockets. And Easy followed him running.
That night, like almost every night, Eddie was laid on the bed in his
pajamas, checking his Facebook’s feed on the phone. As he opened the
app, the little world icon on the top was carrying a “1” red sign. He tapped
on it to discover the notification:
“Jerry A. Long has invited you to like his page Whales&sons Bookstore”
Eddie smiled, his face lightened only by the phone’s LED. These guys rock,
he thought. They’ve even created a Facebook page.
He wondered what they were posting there, and tapped the bold writing of
the notification to get to the page.
They’ve put the classic Whale image as profile picture, and as cover, they
put a panoramic photo of the shop: it was so small that it entered all in one
single shot.
But Eddie thought it was far more beautiful that the Time Square’s one. It
was more familiar. The description read:
“Welcome to our official Facebook page! Here we’ll post sales, new arrivals
and every event that will occur in our bookstore. Any of your comments
and ratings is more than welcome! And don’t forget to come visit us! �"The
The Admins. Eddie wondered if the Admins were his three friends. And he
felt a tiny, little spot of frustration for not being one of the Admins, too.
He tapped back to the Home page of his feed, and after scrolling a bit, he
found other news:
“Jerry A. Long is now friend with Isabella Ferri” and with that went the two
pictures of his friends: Jerry, wearing those sunglasses with fake nose and
mustaches attached to them �"always a joker, Eddie thought, and Isabella,
wearing a fine dress and playing her violin.
Isabella. He thought a lot about her during the evening. She’s discovered
one of his deepest secrets, one that even Barry or Jerry didn’t know about.
His pocketbook. His writings. But after reading them, she wouldn’t laugh or
worse, she wouldn’t say things like “Oh nice” or “Cool” and give it back. No.
She spent her time reading thoroughly the lines he wrote, and actually
appreciated them. She believed he had talent and she encouraged him to
go on. No girl ever appreciated something he did with his own hands. Most
of them would remain stunned by his family name and the amount of
money he had. But Easy clearly wasn’t like the others.
Eddie found writing more pleasant now that he had a fan.
And he thought about her idea of publishing with a fake identity.
Fake identity. And looking at Isabella’s profile picture, he had the craziest
idea of his whole life.

© 2017 zee

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