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This Web site got so.many issues. Here is so many spams and virus what can attack your devices. This web site don't have safe setting. Anybody can hack your account and through you email they can get everything what is yours. Web page is too often down and moderators dont bother send message what is problem. Web site also take time too load cause so many paying contect. Very shortly is not save to be here. Top writers are always same names and same writing. Interisting fact they all pay to display they accounts at pay contects. Are they top writers cause they pay ? I dont know but on mostly others web sites is situation same. You paid you are the best poet. Also reviews are here more like exchange bussines . People write each other praises like there new talents of writen words. Here is few cliques famous one is with this top writers let's name it just for fun. EMMAJOY BURGERGIRL RELIC JACOB ETC. This web site don't have any running forum. Moderatoras said cause people too often use vulgar words. But maybe also cause people start asking how this web site really working and for who . All web sites have same problems there is no honest response and if you do honest response they will call you troll. I dont think its point share your writing here . If you share on twitter on facebook you get more honest response and bette advices. Honestly i am sick from all of you. I have enough and i will never return into this fucking fake shit.
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