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I'm going to lay it out like this for my support system. As most of you know I've been quite popular every which way with my poems, my journals, whatever I feel up to writing, but also what's accompanied in the course of my now 4ish years has been internet hell storms of harassment. On this particular account I've actually directly named a few people with whom haven't been able to leave me alone, in hopes of saving you maybe, from going through the same. I've gained new friends, I've lost some of who I thought I was close to, but throughout every single movement of change, I'm ultimately glad I did what I did in sharing more openly chapters of myself. I get asked frequently, upon having closed these accounts and rarely showing face on Quizilla, my other main website, if I'll post my poems again on a flood of subjects, the answer would be yes and no. It's not easy posting up anything knowing I'm being watched and ripped apart by my stalkers, but I do love you guys regardless of time gone by, and I've grown used to posting up bits of my life here and there. If you can't find me towards my poetics you may come across the journals. My account I've been staying on most for Quizilla is GardenUnique. Link it, Newcomers; familiar readers; It's honestly been a scary experience seeing as how many hate blogs and such have been posted up against me, but the people who enjoy what I have to say and it helps them survive their life, I have way more of them, you, in a group, than the haters. I've written just about everything, obviously I'm super personal as a writer which makes you relate to me, and then I've written many writings surrounding awareness, such as on God, abortion, politics, transgenders, rape, suicide, self-harm, virginity, I've talked about serial killers, breast cancer, [normal] cancer, strippers, I've danced around topic of being an organ donor, drugs, Down Syndrome, Salem witch trials, Aids, bullying, racism, depression, animal abuse, child abuse, incest, the military, identity & being yourself, 9/11, and so much more. I've been known for my beautiful icon collection as well as my words, my ability to speak deeply from perspective. I don't regret much of the ride I'm on, to analyze me now, I'm just sad about the parts of my journey that made others whoever they've been, resent me in such a way to where it's gotten to the point of crazy psycho drama all over the place that can't be resolved. I have numerous times reached out to each person involved in the harassment going on, whether public or private, apologized for my end, and still the show plays on, meaning it's wasted effort on my side, and it's quite ridiculous actually, me apologizing anyway, when very much so I should get apologies, but..the Pisces I am, I will extend myself and be the heart. I want you to know there's always more to say, things left out which have just as much importance for what needs to be exposed. Lots of sincerity. Years more will continue onwards from the years that've already passed, love me or don't like me at all, the bigger picture has to be that I'm still here. (:
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