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Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom
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About Me

I'm Russell from Wales.

I've been writing for many years. Writing is important to me and its my only reason for being on this site. I like to take my time on my poems and I hope to keep learning and improving. I don't need a bio because there's nothing else to know about me or to put here, because all there is to know about me is in my poetry. This is a writing site after all not facebook or twitter.

Life is difficult at any age.
But writing helps.

You can find more of my poetry in my deviantART DrowningByPoetry gallery if you wish to read more of my work.

There's More to Write About Than Love
(contest winners)
Also check out my contest Blog post.

5th Place/Honourable and Thought Provoking

The Dark Months by Poeticadia.

North facing, the garden
is in shadow all day by October
and we lose contact with the seasons.

Moons rise fourfold in the double glazing.
Our destinations
breathe their progress
through the vacuum in the glass.

In November, explosions
staple the stars to the sky,
rockets flower in the night.

For a moment there is wonder,
then darkness;
stillness recalibrating
the backdrop to a wilderness.

In December, avenues of naked trees
shake their antlers,
clattering out a forecast of extremes.

The road loosens its grip,
a car blurs past
unclothed of its colour. Just here
the lamppost wears flowers in its hip pocket.

In January, indoors
you rearrange ornaments, hide blemishes
where clutter has swallowed the sun.

I squeeze
the remaining pages of the book
between my thumb and forefinger
to measure how much of winter is left.

By February’s end, the moon
has anticipated the fullness of spring
and the sun revisits the garden,
releasing the leaves from winter’s manicure.

The stamina of bulbs
slices open the earth, stunning the season.
As yet the buds still have their lips sealed.

© 2010 Poeticadia

4th Place/Honourable and Thought Provoking

The world has unfurled by Cheryl J. Turner.

The world has unfurled
Pure madness in its wake
Left has changed course
Right found connection to wrong
The clocks have flown south for the winter
The cat is ticking a steady beat
The table tapping its heavy feet
Eyes of the walls to watch each step
Nose of the fridge
Ears of the floor
I cannot even describe the anatomy of the door

The world has unfurled
Can you comprehend
My book is written backwards
My language gone askew
My love, he loves another
Perhaps he loves you
I cannot stand to see
The cup that once contained coffee
Now belongs to tea

The world has unfurled
Insanity all around
What a way to be
But would you, could you, believe
This is heaven to me.

© 2010 Cheryl J. Turner

3rd Place/Very Good Piece

Lost In Lotus Seas by Ostensible Truth.

I sometimes wander through the dark

Just to see if I can find my way back...

Smashing bulbs to taste the light

As fragments cut mind

Finger painting with jagged edges

Printing life in ink

Drawn from blood

On paper crafted from skin

Droplets forming cerise brocades

Wrapped around frozen arms

As I chase fluorescent stones along

Broken banks

Cherry drop eyes

Question falling sky

Cloud shards crash on naked feet

Raining blues on razor sand

But bird unfazed...

Perched on helm

Pecking at holes in glass of real

As I rest my head on shattered plates

Kitchen floor whispers

Break bourbon tiles

Eyes in cherry bloom

Swirling jewels in a cracked chalice

(better to choke on something pretty...)

Gorgon stares stab crooked back as

Marble fingers

Unravel from sculpted neck

Onyx scratches chipping clay

As tears burst into lotus petals

Drifting away in azure streams

Broken bones play splintered tunes

Sea nymphs carve songs on melodic slates

Smashed into face for mellifluous break

As I throw notes and pebbles

Into lost waters

Cracking shells on rocks to hear songs of sea

Coruscant ripples unsettling the blue

Handprints left on shore

As I crawl on my knees

Scratching rocks and

Clutching at burning sand

Rolling shards of glass

Around tender tongue

As I trace the light

Chasing cherry drops

Lost in lotus seas.

© 2011 Ostensible Truth

2nd Place/Outstanding Piece

I Will Remember by JulieNorell.

Green the grass,
Blue the sky,
And cold the air around me.
Golden sunlight streaming down,
As leaves fall down beside me.
Fall is color,
Color is life,
And cold is the killer that takes it.
People live,
People die,
And angels recycle.
Happy children,
Warm in their jackets,
Play as the sun begins to set.
Homeless children,
Shivering, cold,
Search for their next meal,
And shelter.
Some are content with the way things are.
Those people are heartless, and I’m sure they have homes,
And have never gone a day without food,
Or have ever had to sleep in an alley.
I will remember,
The happy,
The beautiful,
And the sad,
Ways of life.

© 2010 JulieNorell

1st Place/Exceptional Piece

Two Brothers by Vesa Lee.

Two glossy ravens
patter along the rusted tracks.

Visual heat.

Green and Blue sheen
melds with the metals reflected light.

Like acid to the eyes...

Scurrying across the burning path
long ago deserted.

Sound numbed.

Golden grassy stalks that border
dare not bend or rustle.

Like an army in salute...

The fowls pace is quickened
as the sickly sun sinks west.

Day's surrender.

Darkness stirs from it's slumber
slowly inks across the sky.

Like blood dropped in water...

Liquid black pupils survey the change
and press on forward.

Tracks vanish.

The hollow way abandoned
never finished, left to rot.

Like the broken-hearted...

Turning back towards the sun's corpse
returning to where they had come.

They march.

Tiny claws tapping rhythmically
the melody of the tracks.

Like haunting echos of the past...

They march on.

© 2009 Vesa Lee


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Posted 8 Years Ago

I really dig your picture with the type writer? It's very naked lunch. You also have awesome James Dean hair

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Thanks for reviewing All That I Am. I really apreciate your thoughts. :)
Other people's opinions on my writing really matter to me, so thank you.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Hi! Thank you so much for your kind reviews. =) I appreciate them. It means a lot!
Thank you.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Thanks sweety, have a great weekend! xx

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Posted 8 Years Ago

hope your having a wonderful week as well.



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Posted 8 Years Ago

for some obnoxious or defective reason the Cafe has decided to hide my comment box behind an obnoxious advertisement which will not get lost and permit me to comment on your latest~ but I wanted you to know I read it~ and it cuts all the gloss right off the decaying plastic rose society has stuck through its own petard~ wildly painful to read the reflection in the mirror of what humanity has become~

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Posted 8 Years Ago

thanks for subscribing! nice to see one of my favorite poets again! :)

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Gracias for the in depth review of "Camus: a letter to Crane". I can't say my conscious agrees with "Suicide is the highest form of art" either, but sometimes my subconscious feels that it's right.

That's the difference between poets and philosophers, the former can contradict themselves and still be beautiful, while the latter must be consistent and still be wrong.

Thx 4 the crit. Hope all is well in ur land:P

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Sounds about right :D Ian Curtis, saint.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

my goodness, it takes a lot of work just to get down here and comment :)

LOVE E.E Cummings, if only because his poems appear to be such nonsense, with a deeper meaning hidden underneath.
All of Ray Bradbury's books are amazing, so glad you agree!
For sure going to add your poem to my favourites (unless my computer decides it doesn't like me and becomes insanely slow...we have those battles constantly)