Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived


I'm new at being anciently old

Smalltown, TX
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About Me

Hello The Howdy from Smalltown, Texas!

Who the hell am I?  I am sort of a conundrum's-oddity held hostage by today's U.N. spawned Societal world of Headline News Media's unholy wedlock's complicity with a Social Media that, in tandem, is hellbent upon upon rendering all Mankind as submissive, subservient, docile, complacent, and domesticated disciples of FALSEHOOD; given wholly over to the idiocy of imbecilic conformity and totally devoid of logic or reason; relegated to eking out their cud chewing lives as veritable Human Sheeple-People Cattle.  And for what cause, and what result?  Human Beings caught unawares of having become mentally conditioned, programmed, and transformed into literal (feigned as faked) Human Sheeple-People Cattle, mindless biped animals totally DIS-enfranchised by assumed Rights that are but bullshit's Lies — Disinformation as addictive fool's fodder rations — and a total lack of sincerely earnest interest in researching and PROVING that which is truly truth, or is truly a lie, thus, rendering them as but foolish victims of lazy assed and Intelligently-Stupid (cerebrally speaking of neurons misfiring as deceived minds fast asleep with eyes wide open in Blank Bug-Eyed Stares) thinking (in failing to think at all) as moronic slaves who believe themselves to possess Freedom, whilst all that has frankly been achieved and attained to (in sleeping mind's absence of cognizance) is Free-Dumb — a state of finding oneself overly satisfied with clinging to a fool's right of being free: Free to remain dumb in idiot's glee of failing see that an enslaved and sleeping mind is never FREE, never possesses FREEDOM, nor holds in possession's hand that precious commodity known as LIBERTY!

I am an Intelligent Design Free Thinking Creationist Moderate in a Rightist, Leftist  — Extremism is the cause of most all Humanity's schisms  —  world where people tend to wonder why Human Beings think and act to commit heinously unthinkable, unspeakable, acts of EXTREMISM. 

Contemplate my words for a moment, before moving on.  I am a devoted, in depth, Research Writer who is not, never shall be, a devotee to that realm of controversial topics which are often termed as mere Conspiracy Theories, but shall always endeavor to consistently present truth based facts that can be substantiated by any and all who are interested in feeding their minds with  purest truth, rather than the fool's fodder offal of lies and more lies ...

Don't like what I have to say and share?  Go visit the pages of those who will gladly tickle your ears with that which you wish to hear, and continue eking out purposeless lives as biped Human Sheeple-People Cattle.  My mission shall be accomplished, and you shall decide your own fate as mere cattle, mindlessly unawares, to be slaughtered upon the killing floors of just one more war waged and fought in the sacrilegious name of ending all wars as the only perpetual motion machine (fueled endlessly by the blood of Human lives) that is currently, and truthfully, in full scale operational mode upon this planet Mankind calls Earth. 

A totally indisputable truth that cannot be denied:  Man possesses but one true enemy.  Man's enemy is not the elements, is not the environment, is neither plague nor disaster.  Man's only enemy, is Man, himself, dressed and suited up for, yet, one more war.

A bit more about myself and I as a fan of The Human Race:

In addition, I am a Creative Writer of Dark Stories, a research writer of articles touching upon often controversial topics, and I do humbly scribble to page some piss poor attempts at Poetry from time to time.  Some call me Poet, and while the compliment is much appreciated, but I have never considered myself a Poet, per say.

For the record:  I am a Patriot of these United States of America, though this nation does exist as the evil empire which many proclaim America to be.  Our nation direly needs a change of direction, mission, and purpose.  However, I stand against destroying history in a damn fool attempt to insure a brighter future of tomorrows.  As Robert Anson Heinlein wisely proclaimed (Thank you Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU: ) : “A generation which ignores history has no past — and no future.”

Be aware and well warned, I am an avidly plain spoken opponent of Organized Religion, most especially of Christianity where I dwelt as a Preacher of lies and bull's malarkey for quite a number of years in learning for myself that which “The Church” really knows of historical events, while doing all in its power to conceal such truths from the average Jane & Joe layperson and pew warmer, lest the Sheeple-People Cattle of this world wise up and cease being led via the only true Trinity in existence upon this third rock from the Sun that we call Earth:  Taxes, Tithes, & Lies, all fed to the minds of superstitious and ignorant men as proclaimed Gospel truths …

Am I an Atheist?  To put it simply:  No.  However, I do hold to the Atheistic commonly held proclamation that, THERE IS NO GOD, because Organized Religion's God is a deliberate creation and fabrication of Man established upon a purely nonexistent foundation of deception and outright lies sold to men as Blind Faith — belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination — and therefore, to be brutally frank and sincerely honest, it is my personal assessment's observation that Organized Religion's God is factually a two headed coin built upon tales that are but fairy-tales of ancient mythology:  Man is God, as God is Man.

With the above shocking information shared, what is my view on the origin of the Universe, to cut to the chase, the origin of Man as the only race of Humanity — The Human Race — in existence upon this minuscule and totally insignificant planet?

To suggest that the Universe of our existence simply happened on its own, or has just always been here, is to proclaim that the Universe has somehow managed the magical feat of having pulled itself from the Magician's Hat of its own arse, which, in my view, is utter insanity's gibberish, rubbish, and poppycock.  And I make the preceding statement with no offense, whatsoever, intended towards my many treasured and valued Atheist friends whom, if forced to choose betwixt, I would side with any given sun worship day, rather than side with the lying a*s hooligans of organized crime who peddle “Bullshit” as hope for Humanity:
Organized Religion:  i.e.;  Judaism, Christianity, Islam ...

Obviously, I, truly, am a bit of an oddity.  So, where do I stand on the origin of all existence within all Existence?  I choose to stand and proclaim myself as an Intelligent Design Free Thinking Creationist who does duly attest and affirm the necessitated existence of a Creator (It?) of all that is and will ever be, which does serve and operate as An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence whom Man has never met, nor conversed with, and shall never fathom or comprehend in Man's natural inclination to manipulate all around him as means to acquire and insure power and control over the masses of Sheeple-People Cattle who dwell upon this Earth.  It is my firm belief and assessment that whatever or whomever created all that we witness in existence before us is damn sure not a personal entity, and has, therefore and thereto, provided this world of men with all we shall ever be provided with, to make it, break it, survive or face extinction, and that final outcome a result of all our own doing, be that result good or bad.  We exist.  We live.  We die.  We ask questions of why.  But there is no answer that shall ever change a single solitary thing in reference to whom and what Man is and chooses, of his own volition, to be …


Be it known: I refuse to embrace the Trinity's Doctrine
of Taxes, Tithes, & Lies sold as a fool's fodder
by the Elite's orchestration of a Uniting of Nations
thus, giving birth to the Ghastly Goons of Globalism2
working in complicity with Religion's Leaders,
who are no more than bleeders and breeders
of bold faced, fabricated, fairy-tale, mythological lies
created by mere men who do ever so boldly
seek to render all Humanity as mental slaves
and as but Sheeple-People Cattle,
for who was the Wizard of Oz4 (Hebrew: Strength),
but a man, and no God …!

Thank you for visiting my profile page,

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

" Insanity rules the broken heart
cast into the darkness
of true love lost ...” — Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Contemplative Philosophical Food For Thought:

"If there was an all powerful God, he would have made all good, and no bad." — Mark Twain

"Government without a Constitution is power without a right." — Thomas Paine