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So hey, it's the middle of September 2011 now and I am back in school for my Junior year. First of all, congrats to Alice THE BITCH for making me look like a complete lil bitch like herself. Of course, no I do not believe one bit that her, Carter, or Chloe are dead or going to kill themselves. It's happened before and they magically ressurected like Jesus Christ multiple times. So whatever. If either of the three of you or your little minions sees this, just know you get an honorary Douche Bag award! You all really deserve it for allowing yourselves to go as low as that fuckin skanky really deserve a lot more than a few words and a DBA, but I will not sink to YOUR levels. Unacceptable. Now I know for all of you that were my true friends, you wouldnt expect this of me, but I dont ever get really ugly until someone like Alice and her crew come around and mess up my whole life. So I apologize if any of you got caught up in the bullshit and I hope all goes well for you. Oh, and Alice? "Love ya bro" ;) hahaha Just thought I'd point that out and let you know I still check in on my crazy haters ;) I will not be returning to this site anymore. I have moved on to bigger and better things and will soon be a published writer so it's best I take off all of my writings anyways. Good luck all and I will maybe meet you in the future one day at your own signings for a book :) Enjoy life while you can. -Gabbz
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