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Christmas came early. Santa brought me sacks full of healing and self worth. I can't stop smiling :) I'm sure God forgives those Anabaskets and Menacites of Richmond and Nashville and their cowardly poetic stabs while pack bullying online. Why not grow a set and actually speak directly to the person concerned? or is that beyond your abilities? ....get some help please...and thanks for the hack but the log in button gave it away. I guess some are just ugly inside out. Happiness is when you see an old, old ex living the life he spent years trying to escape from, shabby, depressed, hanging out with stretched faces and plastic smiles, smothered by overbearance. But some new partners become obsessed with those of before. I find this hard to understand as I am incapable of jealousies, nor have any insecurities or control issues. Ho hum... I have been deleting my poems and contacts but still have some to do. I will miss so many of you :( I have found a great writing site that is friendly, safe and professional. No cliques, no secret IMs, no pack bullies and protection and support against plagiarists. May be back in a little while. Just gotta do something.... :) ......:)....
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