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About Me

Silence is a curse. Writing is the antidote. Words are bliss~

Lover of solitude and psychology
Not an open book (unless the situation really calls for it)

Personal Quotes:
"To live in the recesses between life and death means to dispose of your heart and isolate yourself from this very reality."~Yours Truly

"Men are wise when they stop thinking they are."~Yours Truly

"Hope won't always take you to where you want to be, but it will always take you to where you need to be."~Yours Truly

"If you accept that you never had a chance to become the prince- never- then you can start to look at everything you could become." ~ Jennifer A. Nielsen


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Posted 3 Years Ago

I hope that things become easier and my heart goes out for you loss seems so unreal and when you accept it your entire world collapses it will never be the same i am not good at cheering other people up all i am trying to say is remember how they affected your life in a positive way or even not they changed your life and made you who you are in someway or another whether they made you grow through pain or a happiness that does not seem graspable for you they taught you things that you can cherish in your memory even the most colossal citadels of glass began with one grain of sand honed and tempered their memories are that to you they are apart of you even outside all foreseeable ways and your hearts beats as one in lyrical resonance conquering the silence and composing symphony's of the soul showing their greatness to others in every breath you take and have taken since the meeting of time immemorial
with sincerity Chris..