This profile has been closed by the writer.

There was once a writer named Shawn Michel de Montaigne who posted here. He has left.

He has left because writing isn't a popularity contest, like junior high school was; and is nothing but a popularity contest. It's junior high school.

But Shawn hated junior high school; he hates popularity contests; and, most unfortunately, he grew up long, long ago. Shawn has left in search of adults. He knows he won't find them here.

Shawn is a genuine writer, a person who has devoted his life to his story, his work. Until one has faced homelessness because of such a choice; until one has been ostracized by corporates and cog-communities for such a choice (which means: being ostracized by 99 percent of the entire population); until one has been genuinely tested by that choice for worthiness and durability (and no, being grounded because one wants to write doesn't qualify), one is not a writer. Deal with it.

So ... Shawn went away. If you were one of the two people who entered his contest (against over 1100 page views), no worries, you'll get your payday soon enough. He'll be in contact with you. If you're one of those people, please accept Shawn's many thanks. Writing can be a very lonely business. It's good to know that 1 out of every 550 people realize this, or have the inkling potential to realize it. The rest ... simply do not matter.
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