Stella Armour

Stella Armour


the snowdrops are out :)

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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stella armour poet

Stella Armour is an excellent kindhearted poetess and I know her well from many years. Her poems are very pleasing, truthful and excellent those sprinkle fragrance like flowers. Readers get nice essence from these. Her poems reflect lovable nature, love, life and many more things. Her poetic vision I feel as very philosophical. I have gone through many of her poems and reviewed and I feel excellence of them well. May God bring lots of happiness for her and for her family also. I am wishing her all the best.
Best Wishes from
Dr. Pintu Mahakul

'What a wonderful collection of writing this is, with poems, prose and short stories to admire and savour from my dear friend in writing Stella Armour. Stella writes from a pure heart and from her very soul, and her exquisite sonnets are crafted with finesse, she has mastered the form so well as sonnets are such a challenge to write.
The words that come to me to define her work are 'magic', 'enchanting', 'romantic' 'captivating', 'touching' 'moving' and 'mature' as her wisdom can reflect on past experiences too!
I wish this special lady all the best for her writing future….Karin Anderson.' – Poet from Australia

Stella Armour is an artist. She paints words with a distinct flavour and flare that captures her readers, holding them from the opening line to the conclusion. Her poetry is a treasure, and as such, must be treasured to be enjoyed.
Chris G Vaillancourt – Poet from Canada

Stella writes accessible poetry which touches the soul. Readers worldwide have found her work both diverse and engaging in form and subject. It is my great pleasure to pay tribute to a writer who in this third volume of selected poems stirs and inspires with powerful simplicity. Stella writes straight from the heart and her work glows with both tenderness and strength. I am confident the verses shared with us within these pages will be read again and again.
Fay Slimm - Poet from Cornwall U.K.


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Posted 1 Year Ago

Thanks Stella. Wrote that a few years ago and didn't want to repost, so used it as my about me sectipn instead. I was suffering from insomnia and decided to try an alphabet acrostic. 20 minutes later I was left scratching my head and thought it couldnt make sense, so went to bed and when I woke up, I found it did. I have been depriving myself of sleep ever since, in the hope of doing it again, but still trying :)

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Posted 3 Years Ago

It's a pleasure to have known a fine poetess like You dear Stella, I hope Your time here will bloom into heavenly pieces to bless us with ✨✨✨